The magical possibilities of your favorite diet - from kolobos to princesses

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Can a mono-diet change? “Of course not! ” He will answer, knowing that eating under the “mono” system is the diet of the same product that becomes so boring over time that there is a desire to stop eating just to not see the boring food.

Yes, until nutritionists came up with a new technique called Favorite Diet - as a kind of “mix” of a weight correction mono system and a low-calorie healthy menu. You Did not Know? Then get to know each other!

Why - Honey

Many ask the question: why is the technique called that? And how could it be called differently if this eating system is a kind of “unlimited”, albeit with minor restrictions, but they make the diet so popular that overweight victims are happy to pass all the tests.

Then why do many people like this weight correction technology?

  • The menu is based on delicious products.
  • The diet is varied.
  • Food should be eaten in unlimited quantities.
  • Cooking takes minimal time.
  • The diet is financially accessible to everyone.
  • The body is cleansed through this system during the feeding period.
  • The menu is distinguished by the balance of vitamins and trace elements, so during weight loss, fans of the technique will feel great without dizziness, fatigue or lethargy.
  • Losing weight in such a system is simple and straightforward.
  • Weight is lost quickly (some can lose up to 10 pounds in a week).
  • The period (weeks) prescribed by the diet goes unnoticed because you never feel hungry.

As you can see, the Favorite Diet, the results of which may exceed your expectations, is a “magic wand” for fans of abundant nutrition who urgently need to lose weight without compromising their addictions. It's tempting, isn't it?

Method Features

As you understand, the duration of the weight correction system is one week. However, this nutritional technology should be used no more than once a month, as the body is still under stress during the diet and frequent repetition can negatively affect health.

The effectiveness of the technique will only be maximized if it persists for all 7 days. Meanwhile, from day three, on the contrary, you will feel an increase in strength and lightness in your body.

It should be noted that the Favorite Diet, whose menu, as you remember, is based on "mono" technology, is recommended for healthy people who are not engaged in hard work or writing scientific articles during the weight correction period. But those who are interested in technology have to postpone their plans and start losing weight a little later when health problems or other concerns are resolved.

diet favorite diet

These individuals are:

  • sufferers of diseases of the digestive system;
  • women expecting a baby;
  • breastfeeding new moms;
  • Victims of liver or kidney disease;
  • heart patients;
  • who have recently had poisoning, surgery, or worsening of any disease.

In addition, diabetics and patients with high blood pressure should not be fed this system, these people should prefer other, more humane methods.

Important to know!Can't find the disease you're suffering from? It is better to ask your doctor if it is possible to lose weight during a diet favorite. And don’t be afraid of that, because on the contrary, this nutritional system can help you recover.

If you have a problem with your stools (constipation), nutritionists advise you to try to cleanse your bowels with an enema and laxative before the first day of your new diet. Then the body is cleansed. Otherwise, there is a risk that the accumulated deposits will slowly poison the body, causing dizziness, weakness and unpleasant headaches.

Detailed dose

It's time to move on - what and how to eat? So, Favorite Diet - Menu of the Week:

  • Monday- drinking. This means you can drink as much as your heart desires during the day and anything except liquids containing alcohol, soda and sugar. The number of drinks consumed per day should not be less than two liters. Drinks such as tea (herbal or green), broths (not too rich and without salt), low-fat and unsalted dairy products are particularly welcome. Milk and whey should also be drunk and diluted with water.
  • Tuesday- yes to vegetables! You can eat any vegetable and you can spice it up with vegetable oil. What do nutritionists recommend for this day? Salads (cabbage, beets, carrots), zucchini stew, tomatoes, cucumbers.
  • sample menu for your diet favorite
  • Wednesdayrepeats day 1 according to your diet.
  • Thursdaywill be sweet because on this day you can eat fruit and "from your stomach" - until you are full. Be sure to try to add grapefruit useful for fighting fat to your menu, but don’t just focus on that because you need energy to get to the end and beat the fat? The only limitation to high-calorie grapes and hearty bananas is that you have to be careful with these fruits.
  • Friday- Long live the squirrels! This means you can afford meat (lean and not fried, of course), seafood, eggs, fish dishes, and cottage cheese (low-fat).
  • SaturdayMonday is repeated in the menu. Drink for your health and lose weight because it is already noticeably changing, which means it will be easier to endure the hardships, however you will see everything for yourself.
  • Sundayis ​​a combination of the previous days ’diet. In essence, it returns to a normal diet - smooth and smart. Eat a few eggs for breakfast and then bite some fruit. Treat yourself to a few pieces of lean broth in the afternoon. The next two meals: afternoon tea and lunch will be the motto: vegetables and fruits. Deciding on one such trick is salad, the other is fruit.

Worth paying attention to!On days when you don’t drink, you should also consume at least 2 gallons of water, but other drinks are taboo unless you can afford a cup of rosehip soup that replenishes energy.

Helpful Hints

Some people feel weak on the first day, especially those who ate anything without restriction. Therefore, experienced fans of this technique are advised to reduce activity during the first day, do not go to training, do not go on a business trip and do not hold important meetings.

On drinking days, don’t ignore broth, which nutritionists specifically recommend for inclusion in the menu. It gives strength, saturates the body better than other drinks. Store juices are not allowed today. If you don’t know yet, they have a lot of sugar in them, which quickly becomes another nasty fold in your waist.

diet's favorite photo before and after

When eating a plant-based diet (fruit / vegetable day), eat every few hours, otherwise you run the risk of becoming very hungry and losing your diet.

And finally, the most important thing - what determines the result, as well as the appearance at the end of the diet, is the exit. You can’t hit the food as if you had spent a month in the desert without a meal. Otherwise, the lost kilogram will return to its place immediately, and even faster than they have melted. You will be very nervous, believe me, and maybe you will be disappointed with any diet. To avoid this, return to your normal diet smoothly - without twitching, gradually expand the menu and add a few new products daily.

And don’t start with unhealthy, fatty, fried foods, such “experiments” can lead to diseases of the digestive system and you may feel unwell from the food you’ve been missing from your diet for a week. However, this news is not always bad, because that is exactly how - after diet and disgust for a particular food, people completely rebuild their eating culture, excluding unhealthy foods and alcohol from eating forever.

But how do you get back to your regular diet? Here’s an example of a few-day menu at the end of the diet:

  • in the morning - 2 eggs;
  • snack - fruit;
  • lunch - broth soup;
  • afternoon tea - kefir;
  • evening - salad with a slice of lean meat.

Do you now understand why Favorite Diets have such a name? Because it is impossible not to love, because it comes with a delicious and abundant diet and an impressive result.