The lazy diet: a nutritionist commented on how to lose 12 kg in two weeks

how to lose 12 kg in two weeks

It is believed that titanium cannot be lost without effort. You have to torture yourself at the gym or be completely willing to eat. Well, or at least a few times a week to starve and eat apples and cucumbers for the rest of the time.

Modern opinions of nutritionists are severely different from stereotypes. The dangers of fasting have been proven by science and practice

Regular jogging or fitness is just as effective as kettlebells and weight loss. A lazy diet can be the beginning of the path to proper nutrition and an attractive figure for years to come. So, what are the characteristics?

How to lose weight for the lazy: nutritional principles

To effectively combat overweight, follow these rules:

  1. Drink water before meals. xx / b> The essence of the diet is to partially replace the food with purified water. Drink two glasses of drink every 20-30 minutes each morning. Water fills the stomach, stretches its wall. The body perceives this as a sign of fullness and blocks the feeling of hunger. You don’t want to overeat or swallow food too quickly when eating. If you have no appetite, you need less. Adhering to this rule will make it easy to reduce your diet by 30-40%.
  2. Drink water between meals.One hour after a meal, drink a glass or two of liquids (water, green or herbal tea without sugar, vegetable juice). The fluid forces the body to spend more calories to maintain its own functions and increases metabolism by 30%. You can only get rid of excess waist and hips by drinking as much water. In fact, when fluid is lacking in the diet, the body stores it in the tissues, causing edema and giving the body extra body volume and weight.
  3. Eat healthy food.A lazy diet is no wonder you eat burgers, fries and double ice cream every day. These products should be replaced by whole foods: vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, cereals, legumes.

Plan your four meals throughout the day. Breakfast and lunch are the busiest. Dinner should be as low as possible.

A lazy weekly diet diet

The benefit of dieting is that you don’t have to count calories or measure the size of the food. Eat according to your appetite (taking into account water drunk before meals). Add simple, healthy foods to your diet on this list.

allowed food on a lazy diet

Breakfast- millet porridge in water or milk, buckwheat porridge with milk, omelette with herbs, cottage cheese casserole, cheesecake, boiled egg, natural unsweetened yoghurt, toast cheese, oatmeal with honey and berries, cottage cheesewith fruits or berries.

Snack- any fruit, a handful of berries or nuts.

Lunch- chicken soup with homemade pasta, soup with meatballs, cooked vegetables, cooked or fried fish, vegetable salad (cabbage, cucumber, tomato, pepper, greens in any combination), lentil soup, cereal or pasta garnish, with steamed liver or boiled chicken

Dinner- egg and vegetable salad with cottage cheese, a glass of kefir or fermented fried milk toast, fried or steamed non-starchy vegetables (cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes), cooked or fried.

You may have other meals in your diet and the menu needs to be changed every day. An important benefit of a lazy diet is that it teaches healthy and wholesome eating. And after a diet (you shouldn’t stay in such an abundant drinking regimen for more than two weeks), the resulting eating habits will help you maintain your weight.

Nutritional opinion, contraindications

People with kidney disease should not eat a lazy diet. In case of intestinal and gastric diseases, consult your doctor. In addition, drinking a lot of fluids can help clear minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium) from the body. It is advisable to take mineral supplements while following this diet.

A nutritionist says a lazy diet is good because it teaches you to drink enough fluids. And for people who don’t have that habit, it will be a vivid indicator that regular water speeds up your metabolism and normalizes weight.

But that's also a downside. If one gets used to a high calorie diet, there will be no severe loss effect. The water helps to get rid of the swelling of the tissues, cleanses the intestines, so in the first days the weight is reduced by 3-4 kg, and within two weeks it helps to get rid of the excess weight of 9-12 kg.

If you continue to eat improperly, weight loss will stop in the first week, so a balanced diet is no less important than the habit of drinking enough fluids.