How to lose 10 kg in one month without harm to health

How to lose 10 kg in one month without harm to health, possible? Of course, it is possible, but at the same time we need to completely rethink our diet, we need to introduce sports into our daily lives, and of course we cannot forget about good habits while eating. Many modern nutritionists offer a quick effect, but the truth is that the faster you lose excess weight, the faster you regain your former shape. Therefore, if your goal and dream is to lose weight without compromising your health, we will help you with some useful advice and you will surely achieve the desired result.

How to lose weight without compromising health

Today, you can come across a wide variety of diets that promise amazing effects. Social networks, for example, offer amazing 10kg weight loss in a matter of weeks and sometimes just a week. But not everyone knows the essence of the diet, because such weight loss requires adherence to extreme conditions, which can have a detrimental effect on your health afterwards, and the extra pounds return after the work is done. In fact, you should strive to make your diet less anxiety and worry, and the whole process should go on as usual. And most importantly, you don’t have to harm your health in any way. If you simply reduce the number of calories in your diet, in addition to losing 10 kg, there is also a risk of general deterioration in health. To do this, you need to learn how to follow simple rules that include an integrated approach to proper weight loss.

waist measurement while losing 10 kg per month

Weight loss rules

  1. You must first exclude foods such as yeast products (bread, buns) from your menu. They can be replaced by bread (dietary product) or pita bread.
  2. Prefer vegetables that are rich in fiber and also help you overcome your constant feeling of hunger. Try eating them in the first half of your day, but you can eat the cabbage all day.
  3. Breakfast should be plentiful, but forget about a hearty dinner. The ideal breakfast is one that contains about 30 percent of the calories consumed during the day. It should be eaten for dinner, light, and taken 4-5 hours before bedtime at the latest.
  4. Be sure to include lean meats such as chicken breast or lean beef in your diet. Let’s not forget about cottage cheese, eggs and fish either. After all, these products contain the protein needed by the body. It is best to stew meat dishes or use an oven.
  5. In addition, preference should be given to products (pasta, various cereals) that include durum wheat.
  6. Start by keeping a booklet in which you write down your weight and how many calories you ate. Also, try to reduce the amount. An important factor here is the fact that you are watching and directing all of this.
  7. For best results, join an activity such as running or cycling. However, the workout should last at least 40 minutes, then it will have a beneficial effect on your body.
  8. Another important rule is not to starve yourself. After all, hunger is the evil opponent of weight loss and damage to health. Frequent appetite only leads to disruption of the eating system, poor condition, and self-depression. Arrange snacks: apples, dried fruits, lean kefir, yogurt.
  9. And the most important thing to pay close attention to is that 80 percent of your calories should be eaten before 6 p. m. Of course, you can still eat after 6, but these are easy bites. And remember, you need to eat small portions so that excess calories are not deposited in your body in the form of fat reserves.
a girl eats fruit while losing 10 kg per month

Bad habits that prevent weight loss

  1. Small amount of fluid intake. One person needs to drink an average of 2 liters of water a day, and those who want to lose weight need more. Water helps remove harmful toxins from the body, making it impossible to lose weight without the right amount of water, especially for those who want to lose weight in a month without causing harm.
  2. Dinner for the night. The last meal should be done no later than 6 p. m. If you suddenly get hungry, eat fruit or enjoy green tea.
  3. Wrong product combination. You can’t combine carbs with fats, you certainly won’t lose weight. It’s like eating pasta and potatoes with fatty pieces of meat, for example.
  4. Late sleep. In the period from 9 pm to 2 am, the body of a sleeping person produces a hormone (somonotropic). This hormone is responsible for breaking down fats. Therefore, when we sleep, we do not feel hungry at this moment. Based on this, if you go to bed late, you will be deprived of this hormone that is needed for weight loss.
breakfast meals during weight loss by 10 kg per month

Proper nutrition for weight loss

To get rid of extra pounds, you need to consider the basics of a healthy diet. Add fresh vegetables to your diet if you want to lose weight, you can also steam it (potatoes are an exception). Use fruits, juices (except grapes, bananas). Useful to eat eggs, low-fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese). And bread made from whole grains and cereals (except semolina). If the goal is a slim figure, you should exclude the following products: pastries (buns, sweets), fried and smoked meats, various spices, alcoholic beverages and, of course, salt.

Exercise for weight loss

If you do not add physical activity to your rhythm of life, it is impossible to lose 10 kg in one month. For example, you can go to the fitness center two to three times a week for 2-3 hours. If you do not have time to visit the hall, you can first refuse the lift and walk instead of the traffic route. Don’t forget about morning and evening gymnastics. The combination of these measures allows you to burn about 500-550 extra calories in one day.

Before you decide to lose 10 kg in a month, you need to consider all the possible contraindications so as not to harm your own health. For example, any sudden change in diet is forbidden for people who have a gastrointestinal disorder. In addition, it cannot increase physical activity for people with various heart conditions. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, weight loss is strictly prohibited.

How to lose weight effectively

Fast weight loss is very difficult. Many have set a goal of losing weight in a month, but will eventually give up. Those who want to take up the fight with the extra pounds should follow certain tips. Is it true to say that people can lose 5-10 kg in a few days, but in just a week or a little more. To this day, there is a lot of material on this topic on social networks where you can find startling data on how people are losing weight without harming their health at home. Maybe there is some useful information for us? We dream of losing 2, 4, 5 or even 10 kg of excess weight in a short time. And there are women who just want to get rid of a few extra pounds, find the body they want in shape. So everything at home is real.

healthy and unhealthy food to lose weight in one month by 10 kg

We know that for many of us, the main source of overweight is the abdomen. It has been shown that it is safe to lose weight by using special baths as they speed up your metabolism quickly. However, if you add a load in the form of a visit to a fitness center, the effect won’t wait long. In a few days, you will be amazed at the results and the feeling of lightness in your body. As for weight loss itself, it is better to start this process with fasting days, nutrition experts say. Start at least a few days of fasting while eating a variety of foods and you will feel comfortable losing extra pounds without any problems or damage to your health. The most important effect of weight loss is to lose weight slowly. This is an average of about 1 kg per week, 3-4 kg per month. It’s all up to you, if you set yourself the goal of looking slim and young at the same time, everything will work out. Stop rigid diets and special pills. And the advanced and overweight should consult experts on this issue.

Fat burners for weight loss

You’ve probably heard of medications that specialize in weight loss. So these substances are called fat burners.

Calorie diet for weight loss

If you have clearly set yourself the goal of losing 10 pounds a month without harming your health, you should follow your weight loss instructions. It is best to explain everything in understandable and understandable language. For example, you have a bank account with a certain amount of money. So the score will be equal to the number of calories in your body. Food is money. Deductions are calories spent on running, fitness, and regular work. If you put a lot on the bill and take it out in the meantime, it is not enough, the amount will increase regularly and new fat will grow on your tummy, hips, etc. Otherwise, the opposite is true, withdrawing funds for weight loss.

3 methods to lose 10 kg in one month

  1. Bring the sport into your measured pace of life and do it for 2-3 hours a day until such an instruction bears fruit. You can lose weight in a month without changing your diet. But they do more harm to their own health than they use.
  2. Set a strict diet without changing your lifestyle. It is also just cabbage for breakfast, cabbage, lunch and dinner. And you will be very slim soon. But even here, there are more minuses than pluses.
  3. Learn to combine proper nutrition and exercise. Reduce the number of calories in unhealthy, fatty foods without compromising your health. Get some exercise or start the morning with a regular walk. Ride a bike in the evenings. In my opinion, such weight loss instructions are the safest for your health.

Simple calorie counting arithmetic

Thus, in the West, some nutrition experts say that 1 kilogram of body weight is equivalent to 7, 700 calories. Based on this, to lose 10 kg in a month without damage, you need to burn about 17, 000 calories in a week. This corresponds to an extra weight of 2-3 kg. For example, a girl who weighs 70 kg and is physically active can consume 2, 200 calories a day. You need to eat 2, 100 calories to lose 10 pounds, but this process takes more than a month. You only need to add physical activity to get out of the situation. After all, if you reduce the caloric content of your diet, your body will not get the vitamins it needs, and this will lead to poor health. Therefore, lose weight slowly without harming yourself.