Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Is it possible to lose weight with yoga? In recent years, the popularity of yoga has been gaining momentum. And it’s not at all surprising that most people ask the question: does yoga help you lose weight? After all, physical activity is very specific and there is a lot of talk about the benefits of exercise.

slim figure after yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is the oldest system of human self-development that involves working with the body and mind. You achieve inner balance by disciplining your body. We can say that yoga is a set of possibilities, thanks to which you can get a beautiful figure, excellent health, bright eyes, learn to set goals and achieve them.

As for weight loss, the result is not immediately observable. If you make progress in losing weight, you will have a strong incentive to move on. All you need to succeed is regularity, desire and perseverance!

It should also be noted that yoga has an effect on appetite, which reduces it, which helps to avoid overeating. It is also true that exercise becomes enjoyable from the first occasions. This condition is described by the physiologist I. P. Pavlova as "muscle pleasure". Therefore, yoga is not only an assistant in weight loss, but also a means of self-regulation of the psyche.

Tips for beginners

There are many types and directions of yoga. It is better for both the fat and the thin to start with simple exercises - hatha yoga, for example. This complex contains exercises - asanas that directly affect weight.

It is important to choose a good trainer who is able to adapt the load to the individual characteristics of the body. In this, he acts almost as a doctor: if a person has problems with being overweight and, accordingly, with pressure, the coach chooses exercises that do not affect the condition of the heart muscle.

Anyway, when yogis are asked how to choose a teacher, they smile slyly and say, "Follow your intuition. " This is probably right because the coach has to be pleasant and selfless, otherwise there will be no results.

Which areas are more effective in burning fat?

yoga exercises for weight loss

If you’re looking for an answer to the question - "can you lose weight with yoga? " - pay attention to special exercises designed specifically for weight loss. These include Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga.

Bikram yoga. The main principle of this direction is a. . . snow. It is believed that when the air temperature rises in the gym where the classes are held, the muscles relax and the risk of injury is reduced. In addition, the effectiveness of training under such conditions is an order of magnitude higher than usual.

Bikram yoga speeds up metabolism, removes toxins, improves body flexibility, strengthens muscles and ligaments, relaxes and prepares people for severe physical exertion. And of course it helps you lose weight. Fats do not tolerate high temperatures, and when combined with exercise, excess weight disappears without a trace.

Hot yoga works on the same principle. These disciplines are very popular with consumers.

What should you do?

Experts warn that hot yoga exacerbates blood pressure problems. Such exercises are contraindicated in people with severe obesity. Overweight within seven kilograms is the upper threshold for such activities.

You need to choose the direction based on your own preferences. Dynamic yoga is suitable for active people with reduced stress resistance - exercises for relaxation. Philosophers will love mantra yoga and believers will love bakti yoga.

Yoga is for everyone. You just have to find the way and do what is pleasing, then a positive result will not wait.

Is it possible to lose weight with yoga?

waist measurement during yoga to lose weight

Of course, counting on yoga classes to burn fat and do nothing else is at least naive. Weight loss is always made up of several factors - rational nutrition is at the top of the list. You have to change from the inside, yoga only helps with that and shows you the right way.