Diet for diabetes, what can and can not?

All diabetics should understand that they should be careful with their diet and ideally follow the diet recommended for diabetics. The problem lies in glucose - if there is too much of it in the body, complications of the disease can occur.

There is a way that "prediabetes" - that is, if glucose tolerance is impaired, there is still no complete disease. And in this condition, proper nutrition will have an extremely positive effect on the treatment of the disease. But even with the disease itself, it is imperative to monitor what we consume.

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Diabetes diet

So we have two goals - to create carbohydrate metabolism in the body. And we also need to reduce the burden on the pancreas - a diabetes diet that doesn’t allow the use of harmful foods in case of the disease. And these two goals can be achieved precisely thanks to nutritional therapy.

Some useful rules:

  • Stop eating 1-2 times a day. It’s worth eating six times a day and shaping your daily routine so that we have the same amount of lunch time every day. Of course we eat in moderation.
  • We need to limit the amount of carbohydrates that enter our bodies. And the most important thing is not to get into the body not once a day, but several times a day, that is, gradually. There should be no fast digestible carbohydrates in our diet.
  • We need more protein - we eat foods high in protein.
  • All diabetics know that they should only consume low-fat foods to avoid compromising their health. Cholesterol levels are also closely monitored.
  • Steamed, fried, steamed foods - this is what can be incorporated into the "frame" of our diet. Eat other foods as little as possible.
  • Keep track of how many minerals and vitamins you get into your body. They are vital to us.
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What foods can you eat with diabetes

The key is to always keep track of the calories and carbs in your diet - your diabetes diet allows you to consume them in limited amounts.

  • Meat and fish products.Fatty foods are our enemies. But there are lean meats like rabbit or chicken - these foods can be eaten. The situation is quite similar for fish - we only buy low-fat varieties. Canned fish is not banned, but you should not eat much of it.
  • Dairy products.Dairy products are not only desirable, they are a must buy! The most important thing is that the products are fat-free. Or have a minimum of fat.
  • Can I have an egg?It’s forbidden, but you can’t eat much - up to two eggs a day. And it is usually desirable to eat only quail eggs. Because they don't have cholesterol.
  • Are floury foods allowed?As for the bread, here we buy bread made either from rye or whole wheat flour. Pasta lovers are advised to rarely eat such foods, but not to leave the pasta completely. As can be seen, nutrition in the case of disease requires precision in the selection of flour products.
  • What cereals can I eat?There are virtually no restrictions in this regard. Buckwheat, barley pearls, millet and oatmeal are all allowed in the diet. But there are still limits. It is advisable not to eat rice and semolina at all. Because they add a lot of sugar to our body.
  • What vegetables are allowed?We need fiber, so choose vegetables that have enough fiber in them. Add the spinach, kale, eggplant, broccoli and radish. If you are a fan of beets, you should not eat it raw. Everyone loves potatoes, but in case of illness, if not completely, you have to leave it, that is enough.
  • Now about the fruits- You should eat sour fruit with diabetes. But sweets like watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe and other sweet fruits should not be included in the diet. As far as apples are concerned, we are always welcome. Although the pear is sweet, it is allowed.
  • Possibly sweet.In this regard, we prefer only dietary foods that also contain a sugar substitute. If you are dead, you can eat diet, honey, a maximum of a few tablespoons a day. And if you have a severe stage of the disease, you need to leave honey completely - this is confirmed by the Diabetes Diet No. 9.
  • A simple question - "what about the seeds? "Pumpkin seeds are not only desirable but absolutely necessary - very useful. But you need to leave the sunflower seeds or eat a little.
  • Are nuts allowed?Many nuts should be eaten regularly to saturate them with vitamins and trace elements at the same time. We are talking about walnuts and pine nuts. If you love peanuts, up to half a hundred grams a day. Almonds are also allowed. These nuts lower blood sugar levels.
  • what can you drinkFruit and berry drinks are possible, but again only from acidic foods. Tea, rosehip drink - can be consumed without restriction. When it comes to mineral water, it is strictly gas-free. Coffee lovers drink up to a few cups a day. If you drink alcohol, it is strictly wine. Wine with a lot of sugar is forbidden.
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What to eat with diabetes to lower your sugar

You only need to know one rule in this regard - we always buy products with a minimal glycemic index. These foods lower our blood sugar levels. Of course, the effect will be if we eat such foods regularly.

Spices such as black and red peppers are also worth adding, you can drink a ginger drink. Cinnamon also has a sugar-lowering effect.

ginger root and cinnamon for diabetes

Sample menu for diabetics

To make the rules easier to understand, we put together a daily menu.

  • Breakfast. As a main course, we make an omelette (strictly from quail eggs). As a drink - rosehip broth.
  • Lunch will be more satisfying. As a soup, we make pickles (but only with barley). Turkey is compatible with steamed vegetables. For a drink - green tea.
  • Dinner. Fish products in combination with vinaigrette. Currant jelly as a drink.

Of course, with such a menu, we will not be able to refuse medications, but on the other hand, we will almost completely get rid of the risk of a sudden rise in blood sugar levels. The ideal combination for such a diet is with medication.

Famous diabetes diet

This is the 9th diet for diabetes, developed by a famous therapist - Pevzner. By following this, we can control the number of carbohydrates, get enough protein, and save ourselves from a steep rise in blood sugar levels.

The diet of patients with diabetes mellitus, if briefly described, is quite simple:

  • The caloric content of the products consumed must be reduced;
  • Get significant amounts of protein and vegetable fats;
  • He completely gives up sweets and sugar;
  • Add minimal spice to your food - if you add salt, very little;
  • It is advisable to either simmer or cook. Roasted / smoked is prohibited;
  • Extremely hot food should be eaten. Neither too hot nor cold;
  • Eat a little several times a day - create an agenda for each day;
  • Buy products containing sweetener;
  • Monitor the amount of fluid consumed. The limit is 1, 6 liters;
  • Monitor your glycemic index.

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