Maggi diet: menu for 2 and 4 weeks

The Maggi diet is one of the most popular and effective. There is no need to count calories, the weight goes down relatively quickly, easily and without exhausting hunger strikes.

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It has to be said right away that the Maggi diet has nothing to do with the Maggi brand that makes instant soups and condiments. The history of the diet dates back to 1979 and is tied to the famous British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. After resigning, a group of historians sorting through the archive found his diary, which was accompanied by a sheet of typed text describing the 1-week menu of a particular diet.

The weekly daily dose for Margaret Thatcher was compiled by experts from the famous American Mayo Clinic (Mayo), which is currently one of the world’s leading health centers.

Of course, it was impossible to go by such a finding, thanks to which the "vaslady" itself kept in excellent shape, as a result of which the Maggi diet (an acronym changed from Margaret) was scattered all over the world.

In addition to the text of the menu, the leaflet also contained some compliance instructions, including a 2-week limit on the duration of the diet and a ban on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, provided that a small amount of whiskey is consumed on diet days when meat meals are allowed.

At present, the authenticity of the menu itself, as well as recommendations regarding the duration of the diet and whether alcohol can be consumed while following the diet, are being questioned. The Maggi diet, as currently interpreted, is designed for 4 weeks and includes two main diets that use chicken eggs or low-fat cottage cheese as the main product, and alcohol consumption during the diet is completely ruled out.

Since the diet is based on eggs, the second is called "eggs. "Weight loss focuses on consuming foods that trigger biochemical processes in the body that are beneficial for weight loss and digestion. As a result, the metabolism, the natural process of burning fat deposits, and the maximum removal of toxic substances from the body are accelerated.

The positive aspects of the diet are:

  • lack of hunger, which facilitates and painless the process of weight loss;
  • there is no limit to the proportion of product consumed;
  • easy cooking;
  • no daily calorie counting required;
  • balanced diet;
  • a noticeable decrease in quantity;
  • high efficiency;
  • long-term preservation of the result obtained (from 1. 5 years).

The effective Maggi diet allows you to lose 10-20 kg. for a one-month course. The most important thing in this diet is to follow all the rules of the menu. Weight loss is characterized by a strict menu and diet. Achieving the cherished goal of losing weight requires careful work on your own and in the absence of laziness.


The Maggi diet requires strict adherence to the following rules:

  • You can only eat foods from the list of foods that are acceptable in your diet.
  • The prescribed diet should be followed very strictly, without changing the meal (for example between lunch and dinner) and / or the recommended meals (except for the permitted replacement of the main ingredient in the diet - chicken eggs - in a low-fat cottage cheese, consuming large quantities of the first product). individual rejection or in case of allergies).
  • You can consume them in any amount without a quantitative restriction on food intake, otherwise never exceed the doses.
  • You can drink any amount (at least 1. 5 liters per 24 hours) of clean water as well as other diet drinks, including carbonated drinks.
  • Allowed hot drinks (coffee, tea) should be drunk without sugar or sugar substitutes.
  • The alcohol must be completely removed.
  • Dietary foods should be cooked by frying or boiling in water, but any broth is prohibited.
  • The addition of onions and garlic and other similar spices to cooked foods is permitted without restriction.
  • It is not forbidden to salt the food used, but it is best to keep the salt to a minimum.
  • All fats and oils should be removed from the nutritious diet (except for a small amount of olive oil, which is used to make some foods).
  • If you feel an unbearable hunger, you can afford a carrot, cucumber, or salad, but no earlier than 120 minutes after your next meal.
  • Dinner should be completed at least 3 hours before the expected bedtime.
  • You should lead an active lifestyle throughout your diet without constant strenuous physical exertion.
  • After going to the toilet every morning, you should check your own weight with a scale.
  • In the event of a dietary failure or any violation, the observed feeding cycle should be stopped and the entire diet should be restarted from the first day of 1 week.
  • If the diet needs to be extended for an additional 14 days, the first weekly diet should be repeated and then immediately switched to the fourth week.
  • It is not necessary to take additional vitamin and mineral complexes.

To achieve a greater effect, it is recommended to play sports, or at least walk more, stay outdoors, and try to spend at least 7 hours a day sleeping.

After the Maggi diet, your stomach constricts, resulting in less food. In addition to its effect, Maggi has the effect of correcting eating habits: after leaving it, it is unlikely that you will want to hit it on sweets and fatty foods.


The Maggi diet is definitely not like those who are allergic to certain foods (eggs and citrus fruits). It is also strictly forbidden for pregnant and lactating women. Diet should be followed under strict medical supervision for those suffering from gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, renal or hepatic disease.

There is a lot of debate about the number of eggs in Maggi’s diet. However, nutrition experts say consuming that amount of eggs is okay if you don’t overdo it.

Authorized and prohibited products

The list of approved foods contains high levels of protein, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates.

During the Maggi diet you can eat:

  • vegetables and greens - zucchini, carrots, beans, etc. , except potatoes;
  • fruits - oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, persimmons, apples, pears and others, except bananas, figs, grapes, mangoes;
  • fermented dairy products - low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, kefir and yogurt (last week);
  • seafood, pollack, whiting and other low - fat fish, shrimps;
  • chicken eggs;
  • lean meat - only fat and skinless fillets are used;
  • offal;
  • crispbread, biscuits, wholemeal bread;
  • spices - use only those that do not contain sugar and starch;
  • salt pepper;
  • sugar-free soy sauce;
  • it is desirable to drink green tea from beverages. You can make small amounts of coffee, but without sugar and milk.

It is worth giving up such products:

  • canned vegetables - corn, green peas and others;
  • sweets - chocolate, honey, jam, marmalade, etc.
  • milk;
  • flour products, baked goods;
  • fatty meats and fish (mutton is strictly prohibited);
  • legumes;
  • potato;
  • mushrooms;
  • bananas, mangoes, dates, figs, avocados, grapes and other high calorie fruits;
  • butter and vegetable oil;
  • fats;
  • alcoholic drinks.

It’s worth noting that the Maggi diet is part of a strict diet, so it’s important to stick to the menu exactly so you don’t have to start over.

The "Maggi" diet can be of two types: eggs or cottage cheese. The presence of two types allows you to choose a convenient and optimal option for the next 4 weeks.

The 4-week cottage cheese version of the Maggi diet differs in that it uses low-fat cottage cheese instead of eggs: 1 egg is replaced by 100 g of cottage cheese.

Sample menu

It is very difficult to create a menu on your own within the Maggi diet for each day of the next 4 weeks. Therefore, it will be easier and more correct to use the finished ones.

Of course, they are approximate and can be changed and improved according to your circumstances and individual preferences. For example, someone doesn’t like tomatoes but can substitute them with cucumbers. Others may be allergic to shrimp, but you can eat any fish instead at any time.

So determine the duration of your diet (2 or 4 weeks), the option (eggs or cottage cheese) - and choose the menu that works best for you.

Maggi's two-week diet

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Maggi’s egg diet provides 3 meals a day for 2 weeks. Dinner must be taken by 18: 00 at the latest. You should drink purified, non-carbonated water without restriction during the day and exclude any snacks between meals.

Let's take a closer look at the daily menu.

Every morning for breakfast you should eat grapefruit - 1 piece, boiled eggs - 2 pieces. and drink a cup of coffee.

One day

  • lunch - herbal tea, 2 boiled eggs, one tomato;
  • dinner - grapefruit - 1 piece, green tea, 2 boiled eggs, vinaigrette without oil.

2 days

  • lunch - grapefruit - 1 piece, 2 boiled eggs;
  • dinner - salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, roasted lean meat (chicken or turkey).

3 days

  • lunch - spinach, herbal tea, 2 boiled eggs;
  • dinner - cabbage, beets, green tea, 2 boiled eggs, cottage cheese.

4 days

  • lunch - spinach, coffee, 2 boiled eggs;
  • dinner - coffee, vinaigrette, lean fish (hake, pollock) -150 g.

5 days

  • lunch - 2 boiled eggs, herbal tea, spinach;
  • Dinner - cauliflower, coffee, fish, vinaigrette.

6 days

  • lunch - fruit salad (grapefruit, pineapple, kiwi, tangerine);
  • dinner - coffee, steak, mixed vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, onions.

7 days

  • lunch - cooked chicken fillet (chilled), tomatoes, grapefruit;
  • dinner - carrot salad, cabbage, tomatoes, roast turkey, coffee.

You will then only need to repeat this menu completely for a week.

Menu for 4 weeks

The 4-week Maggi protein diet has the same requirements as the fourteen-day diet. However, due to the increased duration, it is much more efficient and allows up to 20 kg. overweight.

In case of intolerance or allergy to the main ingredient, it can be replaced with up to 25% cheese (the lower the fat content, the better) or 3-5% granulated cottage cheese (one serving - 200 g).

cheese and cottage cheese for the maggi diet

The cottage cheese version carries the same amount of protein as the egg’s diet, but this modification of the Maggi diet is more beneficial because the fermented dairy product is easier to digest, lowers cholesterol and strengthens bones. However, the main contraindication to its use is excessive secretion of gastric juice. Frequent consumption of lactic acid products contributes to the worsening of gastritis, which can lead to poorer weight loss and the development of mucosal erosions (ulcers).

The 28-day Maggi diet is divided into four weeks, each with a strictly elaborated diet.

1 week - "The beginning of the journey"

For the 1-14 day period, the daily breakfast for weight loss is 2 boiled chicken eggs, half a grapefruit or orange.

One day
  • lunch - fruit in any quantity: apples, pears, oranges, watermelons, melons, etc. (except forbidden);
  • dinner - fried chicken meat (also fried) - 250 g.
2 days
  • lunch - fried or cooked skinless chicken breast (200 g);
  • dinner - 2 boiled eggs, salad (tomatoes + lettuce + cucumbers + carrots + peppers - 150 g), ¼ tortilla or 1 toast (25 g), 1 grapefruit or orange.
3 days
  • lunch - low-fat cheese in any quantity, 2 tomatoes, 1 toast (25 g);
  • dinner - 250 g of any cooked or fried meat.
4 days
  • lunch - any fruit in any quantity except forbidden;
  • dinner - 250 g of boiled or fried chicken, salad (tomatoes + lettuce + cucumbers + carrots + peppers - 150 g).
5 days
  • lunch - 2 boiled eggs, selected boiled vegetables: zucchini, carrots, green peas, beans (250 g);
  • dinner - 200 g of cooked shrimp, lettuce (tomato + lettuce + cucumber + carrot + pepper - 200 g), 1 grapefruit or orange.
6 days
  • lunch - any fruit in any quantity;
  • dinner - cooked or fried chicken meat (also fried) - 200 g.
7 days
  • lunch - fried or cooked skinless chicken (250 g), cooked vegetables (200 g), 1 tomato, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • dinner - a choice of cooked vegetables, except forbidden (200 g).

2 weeks - "Addictive mode"

Breakfast includes 2 boiled chicken eggs, half a grapefruit or orange.

One day
  • lunch - cooked or fried (also fried) meat (250 g), salad (tomatoes + lettuce + cucumbers + carrots + peppers - 200 g);
  • dinner - 2 boiled eggs, 1 grapefruit or 1 orange.
2 days
  • lunch - cooked or fried meat (200 g), salad (tomatoes + lettuce + cucumbers + carrots + peppers - 200 g);
  • dinner - 2 boiled eggs, 1 grapefruit or orange.
3 days
  • lunch - cooked or fried meat (200 g), cucumber (as much as you want);
  • dinner - 2 boiled eggs, 1 grapefruit or orange.
4 days
  • lunch - 2 boiled eggs, any low-fat white cheese (150 g), boiled vegetables from the licensed (150 g);
  • dinner - 2 boiled eggs.
5 days
  • lunch - 200 g fried or cooked fish / cooked shrimp (fried fish is also allowed);
  • dinner - 2 boiled eggs.
6 days
  • lunch - 200 g of fried or cooked meat (also fried), 2 tomatoes, 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • dinner - fresh fruit (except forbidden) - as much as you want.
7 days
  • lunch - fried, fried or cooked skinless chicken (200 g), 3 tomatoes, cooked vegetables (150 g), 1 grapefruit or orange;
  • dinner - fried or cooked skinless chicken (150 g), 2 tomatoes, cooked vegetables (150 g), 1 grapefruit or orange.

Meat according to the Maggi diet can only be used in low-fat varieties. The optimal solution is a dietary, easily digestible chicken, turkey and rabbit fillet with a low fat content (up to 5, 5%).

Eating high-calorie pork (53%) and lamb (18%) is strictly forbidden, as they slow down the weight loss process and contribute to the deterioration of the result.

3 weeks "Methodology as a way of life"

The week’s diet includes plenty of vegetables and fruits to eat throughout the day.

  • Day 1: Any fruit in any quantity except bananas, dates, mangoes, figs and grapes.
  • Day 2: Any salad and cooked vegetables except potatoes and dried cereals - as much as you want.
  • Day 3: any fruits and vegetables (except forbidden), salads in any quantity and at any time.
  • Day 4: fried or cooked fish (200 g), salad (Chinese cabbage + fresh cucumber - 100 g), cooked vegetables (in any quantity).
  • Day 5: 200 g of lean cooked or fried meat, 200 g of cooked vegetables.
  • Day 6: 1 variety of fruit in any quantity (except forbidden).
  • Day 7: 1 variety of fruit in any quantity.

The third week is characterized by a slowdown in the process of releasing excess pounds and a sharp drop in volumes. However, at the end of weight loss, the feeling of a full filling of the stomach usually begins. This will make it much easier to maintain your new weight after leaving the diet.

4 weeks - "Evaluate results"

All meals consumed during the day should be divided proportionally into three meals.

One day
  • 250 g of cooked chicken breast;
  • 4 cucumbers and 3 tomatoes;
  • 150 g of tuna without oil;
  • a toast (25 g);
  • 1 grapefruit or orange.
2 days
  • not more than 200 g of roasted or cooked meat;
  • 4 cucumbers and 3 tomatoes;
  • 1 toast (25 g);
  • as desired: 1 apple or 1 orange or 1 pear or 1 grapefruit or 1 slice melon.
3 days
  • 1 tablespoon cottage cheese or any low-fat white cheese (150 g);
  • 150 g of cooked vegetables;
  • 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers;
  • a toast (25 g);
  • 1 orange or 1 grapefruit.
4 days
  • 1/2 cooked or fried chicken
  • 1 cucumber and 3 tomatoes;
  • 1 orange or 1 grapefruit.
5 days
  • 2 boiled chicken eggs;
  • 3 tomatoes, 1 salad;
  • 1 grapefruit or orange.
6 days
  • 250 g of cooked chicken breast;
  • 125 g cheese or cottage cheese;
  • 1 toast (25 g), 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers;
  • skimmed milk (150 ml), 1 grapefruit or 1 orange.
7 days
  • 1 tablespoon cottage cheese, 1 canned tuna without oil (150 g);
  • 150 g of cooked vegetables;
  • 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers;
  • 1 toast (25 g), 1 grapefruit or 1 orange.

Please note that salt can be added to foods. You can also add onions, garlic and sugar-free soy sauce.

Exit your diet

Withdrawal from the Maggi diet should be gradual. To avoid overburdening the body, the number of calories consumed per day should be slowly increased to "memorize" the new nutritional system in detail. Overeating is strictly prohibited.

Given that the menu is based on protein products, vegetables, fruits, the Maggi diet contributes to the adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract to the systematic use of plant foods, which cleanses the intestines, restores its microflora and serves as a source of nutrients. nutrients.

When delivering 15 kg. and moreover, the consolidation of the result should be handled as appropriately as possible. The diet after the diet should be balanced, non-nutritious and easily digestible. Therefore, in order to avoid the return of lost pounds, it is important to limit the consumption of sweets, carbonated, alcoholic beverages, sugar, fatty, fried, spicy foods, both on the first day after the end of the meal. weight loss cycle and subsequent period (lifelong). . .

The correct menu for the next fifth week will help consolidate the result obtained, the distinguishing feature of which is the facilitated conditions of the diet.

The daily breakfast for 5 weeks is orange or grapefruit - 1 piece, eggs - 2 pieces.

One day

  • lunch - tomatoes, boiled eggs - 2 pcs. ;
  • dinner - tangerines - 2 pcs, vinaigrette without oil - 1 serving (200 g), soft-boiled eggs - 2 pcs.

2 days

  • lunch - kiwi - 3 pieces, soft boiled eggs - 2 pieces;
  • dinner - white cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, celery, cooked rabbit fillet vegetable salad - 180 g.

3 days

  • lunch - spinach, steam omelette from two eggs;
  • dinner - cabbage, beets, cottage cheese 5% or cheese 9%, soft-boiled eggs - 2 pcs.

4 days

  • lunch - boiled eggs - 2 pieces, salad;
  • dinner - stewed carrots, zucchini, eggplant, steamed fish - 150 g (preferably pike or cod).

5 days

  • lunch - spinach, soft boiled eggs - 2 pcs. ;
  • dinner - boiled green peas, steamed cod fillet - 150 g.

6 days

  • lunch - any fruit from the list, in unlimited quantities;
  • Dinner - tomato, cucumber, celery, steak.

7 days

  • lunch - fried chicken with tomatoes and zucchini - 250 g;
  • dinner - braised cabbage with carrots, cooked rabbit fillet - 180 g.