What exercises should be done for abdominal weight loss?

Unfortunately, the extra pounds are not deposited in something unobtrusive, but most often in the stomach. On this occasion, they even say, "To see how much you eat too much, your stomach is on the same side as your eyes. " To combat excess body fat in the waist, many are eager to participate in so-called abdominal weight loss exercises. But the load on the press is not giving a positive result and fitness is starting to seem useless to solve the problem.

In fact, this is not the case. Only a lot of people make mistakes - both in choosing the exercises and in preparing the training program itself.

girl doing exercises for weight loss

What exercises should be done for abdominal weight loss?

First of all, I say that there are no exercises for weight loss in certain parts of the body. When we lose weight, fat is removed from the whole body at once. It can only be "fragmented" by liposuction. It is physiologically impossible to force the body to burn fat in a given place. Therefore, caloric loss should be emphasized in general. Wrinkles, bends, and bends do not reduce abdominal fat for the simple reason that they require extremely little energy to perform and affect little muscle.

Just imagine - you have a huge amount of muscle in your body and you are trying to lose weight, loading only your abdominal muscles while the rest of your body is inactive. From this, the conclusion is that separate press workouts do not remove excess body fat, but only strengthen the muscles.

Regular cardio training is suitable for removing belly fat - walking, running, swimming, cycling, aerobics and dancing. These activities directly help the body burn fat. Long walks are useful.

If you are overweight, you will have to rely on complex weight loss and perform exercises that burn a lot of calories - such as squatting with lifting arms, breakouts with twists, and so on. Remember, the more muscle you work and the larger the range of exercises, the better.

Another useful group of exercises is balance exercises, such as swinging the leg to the side when you need to cling to the other leg without additional support. In the absence of contraindications, skipping rope, swimming in the pool.

Exercises to strengthen the abdomen and lose weight

There is a group of exercises that are good for the whole body and perfectly strengthen the abdominal muscles:

  1. "Bicycle". Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head and lift your body slightly, lift your knees bent so that your tibias are parallel to the floor, press your lower back firmly to the floor and do not interrupt the whole exercise. Exhale, stretch your right leg forward, while turning your body to the left, try to reach your left knee with your right elbow, return to starting position. Repeat the exercise on the other side. Continue until you are tired and try to move at a good pace.
  2. Stand up straight, put your feet shoulder-width apart, raise your hands, and clasp your fingers together. Tighten your abdomen and tighten your stomach. Bend to the right, stretch your arms up and to the side, stretching your side muscles. Then tilt right without a break. Do the exercise slowly, trying to bend as low as possible.
  3. "Scissors". Lying on your back, extend your arms along your body and "push" your lower back to the floor. Raise your straight leg. Without bending your knees, begin to spread out and bring your legs crossed over your ankles. If you can, lower your legs closer to the floor while moving, but do not tear your lower back.
  4. "Ship". This exercise is for the back. What has it got to do with abdominal weight loss? you ask. The answer is that the muscles of the back and abdomen are antagonists, meaning they work in a different direction - the back folds out the body, the stomach bends. They form their waist together and need to be strengthened together. Therefore, lie on your stomach, stretch your arms, and carefully lift your legs and body by stretching your back, hold it in this position for a second, and lower yourself. Repeat 10-15 times.

Some important shades

What has been said above does not in any way mean that exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the oblique abdominal muscles are useless. Strong muscles support the internal organs. To understand what I’m talking about, look at the people around them - there are those whose stomachs stick out but they don’t have excess fat on them. This is especially noticeable in thin women who do not play sports. Due to the weakness of the abdominal press, the internal organs begin to "bulge", forming a kind of abdomen. And advanced muscles support all organs in the right position, preventing them from moving.

The practice of the press not only solves the aesthetic problem but also improves health by helping the proper functioning of the intestines, stomach, liver and other organs. Try to pay attention to your abdominal muscles at least 3-4 times a week, or you can do 7-10 minute exercises a day to strengthen your abdominal muscles, then your slim figure and excellent health will always be there.