5 easiest diets and 9 easy weight loss secrets

Do those who paid waist-high for their food love deserve the hardest tests? This approach is outdated! Modern nutritionists claim that the best diet for dieting is one that you can follow comfortably without falling off your weakness, without knocking you off your feet while looking for special foods, and without getting stuck in calculating calories and percentages. We offer you a selection of the simplest diet to suit all tastes!

the choice between healthy and unhealthy foods

A simple diet for the lazy: a bottle and an hour

Clear rules, ease of use and stunning effect - light water "diet for the lazy" is right one of the most popular.

Under the circumstances of this weight loss plan, you should not be confused with all your desires, the main rule is to drink 200 ml of pure non-carbonated water only one to 20 minutes before each meal. On the contrary, it is not recommended to drink during meals and two hours after meals.

The duration of a light diet for the lazy is 2 weeks, it is assumed that during this time you can get rid of at least 5 kg without drastically changing the diet.

Weight loss is due to a natural reduction in doses: you eat less because your stomach is already full.

Another common light diet that does not require intervention in the diet can last without limitation of duration - the "Do not eat after six (five, seven. . . )" Rule is applied by many women throughout their lives.

Although nutrition experts doubt the appropriateness of such life-end hacking, they even argue that from a biochemical point of view, a ban on evening meals should cause weight gain, the public continues to insist that a light diet that simply restricts food over time is simple andeffective way to fit.

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Easy gourmet diet: travel on a plate

Many people reasonably believe that a light diet should primarily be varied. It’s really easy and enjoyable to follow meal plans that allow large amounts of food and only prohibit obvious dangers. In addition, gourmet meal plans generally promise serious health benefits due to the large amount of non-starchy vegetables and unsaturated fats.

However, weight loss is not very fast, but stable and lasts a long time - given the fact that light gourmet diets can usually be used as a permanent eating style.

Of these easy-to-follow light diets, the most popular is by far the Mediterranean diet. It is not just a meal plan, but a cultural heritage of the countries of the Mediterranean region, which is also recognized by UNESCO. In order to eat as a happy centenary in sunny countries, we need to create a menu of fresh vegetables and whole grains, choose sea fish (5-6 servings a week) and eggs and red meat as the main source of animal protein, on the contrary, if possible. abstain. If these restrictions seem serious, you may want to change your mind when you find out that the Mediterranean diet encourages regular consumption of red wine.

If you liked the national-flavored weight loss idea, check out two other interesting light diets. The Chinese diet is based on the use of plant foods in combination with slow carbohydrates and fluids - traditional Chinese foods, which are rice or noodles in broth, not only digest well but also provide satiety for a long time. The Nordic diet based on traditional Scandinavian food is surprisingly close to Hungary's daily menu: it allows the consumption of stable vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, turnips, beets on the shelf all year round, combined with cereals and seasonal plants as well as fish and meat. . . .

Another easy gourmet diet is the Diane Kress Metabolic Diet. It is characterized by a very varied, albeit non-prohibitive, menu: the metabolic diet aims to rid the body of the consequences of carbohydrate abuse. The abundance of "empty calories" in the menu of modern city dwellers leads to disruption of insulin receptors. Diane Kress says she has to give up carbs almost completely for two months to "restore" hormones. With our test, you can find out if your metabolic diet is right for you.

And those who are not averse to adding a little philosophy and exotic wisdom to their diet will certainly be interested in Ayurveda - we have already told you how to easily get acquainted with this wonderful teaching. Ayurveda is based on the idea of a person as a being whose physiology is dominated by this or that element. With special combinations of products and spices, you can achieve the harmony of fire, air, earth and water for your body and mind, and not only lose weight, but radically change and improve your life.

Easy diet without too much thinking: mono-weight loss

If for some ease is a wide choice, for others the situation may be just the opposite. For those for whom monotony is not an obstacle, but quick results are more important than possible side effects, weight loss will be called a diet in the menu of a single product.

The most famous of the mono diets are the buckwheat, kefir and oatmeal diets. Each promises an enviable "vertical line" - about 1 kg per day. The rules are simple - for the entire duration of your weight loss plan, eat only the approved product that has named your diet and also drink water. Of course, such severe dietary restrictions have a number of unpleasant consequences, so monodiets are practiced in the form of the easiest fasting days (1-3 days).

The most persistent can prolong "pleasure, " but it is strictly forbidden to consume only buckwheat, kefir, or oatmeal for more than a week, otherwise physiological and psychological failures are virtually guaranteed.

In any case, don’t forget to consult your doctor before deciding on such drastic measures to return to a "marketable state" and most importantly, be prepared for the well-known yo-yo effect — the pounds you lose quickly will return quickly!

Simple alternating diet: change of guard!

For those who don’t have the patience to not just sit on one product, but even simply refrain from tempting fast food, alternating diets have been invented for a long time. Remember the crazy hat tea party where guests suddenly jumped up and changed seats? The principle is the same, only in the role of guests - different types of products.

The 30-day classic diet of BUCH (protein-carbohydrate alternation) is distinguished by simple rules: one day you eat only carbohydrate-rich foods, the second you combine carbohydrates and proteins, and the third prefers only proteins, after which the cycle repeats.

This eating plan is especially good when you combine weight loss with exercise, sound, and muscle building.

If friendship with sports isn’t a priority and the constant selection of foods for carbs and proteins doesn’t seem like an easy task, pay attention to the Six Petals Play Diet - it lasts for 6 days and is essentially a chain of mono diets. To lose at least three pounds from the "six petals, " cut it out of the paper. . . chamomile. One day - a petal and an approved product! Sign them: "Fish, " "Vegetables, " "Chicken, " "Cereal, " "Curd, " "Fruit, " and tear it off as soon as you "pass the quest. "

And, of course, cheating can make any diet easy: a special approach to weight loss that legalizes "planned breakdowns. " When you practice cheating, you follow a strict diet for six days a week, and on the seventh you cut into the abyss, allowing yourself all that "forbidden, "which he had dreamed of so much that he consumed Bonn soup from Monday to Saturday. Although cheating is considered disapproving by nutrition experts as a form of eating disorder, the method has enthusiastic fans who argue that cheating can avoid the hated plateau section (stopping weight loss even with a small menu) and the quick and easyweight loss.

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Simple ready-made diet: trust and lose weight

We call a plumber to set up the tap and ask the florist to pick up a bouquet, so why not entrust your dieting to specially trained people? A light diet is a diet in which most weight loss is limited to the role of the eater and there is no need to hire a chef.

For those who dream of getting a dream figure but aren’t ready to deal with their diet in person, they’ve invented "boxed diets".

Ready-to-eat dietary foods can supplement your usual diet, such as diet shakes, a mixture of protein, vitamins and fiber, which are "enhanced" by the taste of dessert or chicken soup. Such cocktails are said to saturate and provide all the nutrients needed for long-term functioning. , automatically reducing the amount of food consumed and at least partially solving the problem of finding and preparing food that contributes to weight loss.

Incidentally, experiments are already being carried out with a special powder in which all the nutrients needed for vital activities are presented in an optimal ratio. Scientists are confident that such powders, which are a complete substitute for all foods, will solve the problems of hunger in lagging countries and will generally raise humanity to a new level from the dazzling smell of captivating melting chocolate and freshly baked bread.

Fortunately, the future has not yet come completely, diets can still rely on a traditional ready-made diet menu. The "Diets in a Box", which includes a balanced and calorie breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, is now offered by specialized medical or food companies as well as renowned nutritionists. The cost of such "rations" is quite heavy, as is the form of dispensing: you can choose both cheap "crates" filled with powdered and freeze-dried dishes, with impressive shelf life, and daily freshest and healthiest dishes prepared by international-class chefs.

9 easy ways to make any diet easier

Goodbye hi lemonade Joe

The American Dietitians Association warns that daily soda and juice intake increases the chances of becoming overweight by 65%. However, the drink’s "dietary" label is a marketing ploy and doesn’t mean it has been blessed by nutritionists. In addition, sugar substitutes in diet soda arouse appetite and cause overeating, among other things, by "deafening" the taste buds. If it is psychologically difficult for you to suddenly switch from sugary drinks to "empty" water, put cucumber, lemon or orange slices, mint and tarragon in your usual bottle.

Eat as usual

Comprehensive instructions are simple to make anything easier, and diet is no exception. Eat every hour: a clean daily routine is just as good for adults as it is for preschoolers. Scientists are sure: like anyone who wants to lose weight and teaches the body to consume less food uncomfortably, it is worth consuming a small portion of food at least every four hours (not counting the time of night rest, of course). But if you don’t eat after six, as you already know, it’s only worth it for the lucky ones who fall asleep at ten at the latest.

Take grapefruit

Many are familiar with the grapefruit diet, but for the benefits of bright citrus fruits, it is not necessary to eat predominantly at all.

Add half a grapefruit to two to three meals a day for a dose of naringinine, a valuable fat-burning substance that normalizes insulin production, the hunger hormone. Grapefruit helps you cope with the craving for sweets, and it’s also good because it harmonizes with almost any dish - you can add slices to your vegetable salad, serve it with meat and poultry, or just eat it as a juicy dessert.

Find food around the bush

Literally! Research on shopping behavior has prompted large food chains to place foods loaded with trans fats, sugar, salt, and additives in the center of the hall. This dish is attractive because it promises quick satiety and satisfaction. However, it is addictive, overeating and expensive. Don’t rush to the shelves in your field of vision - you risk filling the basket with what you’ll soon regret. Discover distant shelves, striking nooks and the perimeter of the store. Also, don’t forget your shopping list and a simple rule of thumb to bite into a bite before you go into the store - hunger forces you to shop spontaneously. By the way, there is also a focus on the right arrangement of food in the fridge - to make your diet easier, organize your food storage by looking at fresh vegetables or fruits first. They can be prepared by peeling and sorted into portions for the best effect.

Freeze relentlessly

Lack of cooking time is a common reason why plans to improve the menu have failed: after work, it turns out it’s easier to cook dumplings or make sandwiches instead of casting spells over a pan and whipping your stomach. Freeze home-made semi-finished products or ready-to-eat foods — modern, sealed sachets or containers allow you to control the portion size and avoid contact with other foods and possible "contamination" of foreign odors. And keep vegetables and shrimp in the freezer instead of pastries and pizza - New York nutrition expert Ellie Krieger reminds us that frozen shrimp are fresh fresh because they are immersed in the "permafrost" immediately after the catch, and the fresh ones are still stored. must be obtained to offset.

Attention, cleaning!

Don Jackson Blatner, a spokesman for the American Dietitians Association, said brushing his teeth is a simple and underrated trick that weight loss people need to use more often to make their diet easier. "Rinsing your mouth or brushing your teeth is a simple sign that your body understands quite clearly: we’ve finished eating! It really helps to stop the urge to chew - both physiologically and psychologically "- the expert is sure.

Step into the rhythm of salsa

The recommendation to put more vegetables in your diet is embarrassing because you have learned completely different habits since childhood and the salad is Olivier rather than a lemon sprinkled salad? Exaggerate yourself: make salsa from vegetables! This ubiquitous Mexican additive isn’t just made from a recipe for a classic boiled tomato. "Raw" salsa pico de gallo is made from fresh vegetables and you can put either cucumbers or radishes there, although peppers, the point is to chop everything and add chili. This salsa will stand for a few days in the refrigerator in a tightly closed container; we can offer it for soup, meat, egg dishes. Salsa and banal potatoes are tastier and healthier!

Brown is the new black

A simple rule of thumb: the browner a grain or cereal product appears, the more healthy fiber it contains. The fiber passes through the digestive system but does not assimilate; it serves as a "brush" for the digestive system and a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria in the gut. If you see two types of product: white and brown, grab the second without hesitation. Brown rice, brown spaghetti, greyish brown spelled flour - they all underwent minimal industrial "development" and maintained valuable grain husks, unlike their white counterparts in which after the "refresh" the plant was left with only empty calories and a high glycemic index.

However, it is heavier with bread - often "healthy" brown color is added by special premixes, and not at all natural bran, and high-purity wheat flour makes up 90% of the composition. What to do? Don’t be fooled by the look, read the composition carefully, and generally, if possible, don’t rely on baked goods.

Lie down in any incomprehensible situation.

Lack of sleep is a scourge on modern man and is one of the most common implicit reasons for the appearance of extra pounds. The trained eye can easily distinguish the night owl: due to the excess of the stress hormone cortisol, a greasy "rescue buoy" accumulates on its waist. In addition, regular lack of sleep triggers the release of ghrelin, the "emergency" hormone, which is why we want starchy, fatty sugary foods. Ghrelin is sure we are in trouble and need an extraordinary effort, not knowing that we spent the night worried about a virtual vegetable. Save your brain and nervous system - close the "information valve" in the late afternoon, at any cost. You can’t watch all the series, you can’t start all the work again, but you definitely have to turn off the internet and breathe fresh air, bathe in lavender or read a good (paper! ) The half-hour book still didn’t stop anyone fromto fall sweetly asleep. Light diet - the diet of a rested person!

By the way, scientists have found that those who go to the gym and gym in the morning rather than in the evening sleep better and benefit more from the rest.