A 6-petal diet is a great way to lose weight with a separate meal

You can find out what’s special about the 6-petal diet and how many pounds you can lose in six days. The article will tell you what to eat with a diet and what not. Get a detailed menu for 12 days and some simple recipes. You can also learn how to get out of your diet correctly.

Features of a 6-petal diet

I agree, there are so many different diets and weight loss methods that every girl will find the right one for her and help her achieve the desired result.

Some diets such as the protein diet or the Ducan diet are very popular and well known. They have long proven themselves as effective methods of losing weight, so girls and women around the world are losing extra pounds with their help.

Note!Some diets invest more than a strict diet. The creators of such diets try to make the weight loss process more interesting and even more interactive.

The "6 petals" diet, one might say, refers to the tale of a seven-flowered flower that fulfilled wishes. This diet in the same way helps you to gradually lose excess pounds and get closer to the dream, to fulfill the main desire - to look spectacular. It cannot be called strict or long, the approximate duration of the diet is 6 days.. . . During this time, they go through a one-day monodiet every day (six days-six meals).

Thus, a competent combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and so on allows not only weight loss but also relief. There is no contraindication to repeating this diet, so if you have not achieved the expected effect, you can repeat it in a few months. However, it is still better not to diet twice a year so as not to harm your health.


Like any diet, the 6 petals have their own rules. These are fairly simple and affordable so every girl can complete this diet on their own.The "6 Petals" interactive game involves creating your own six-color flowerwhich will help you achieve the desired result.

Make such a flower with six petals and write a menu for each based on the information below. You should take the petals in a clockwise direction, eating only as much as the monodiet described in this leaflet allows per day.

Note!The diet is extremely balanced, despite being divided into different products. The menu usually contains carbohydrates and proteins, which means that the body gets everything it needs to function normally.

Even though you only eat monotonous foods during the day, that doesn’t mean you can consume them in unlimited quantities. First, it is important to understand how many grams of a given product you can consume per day.

Protein You can consume up to 500 grams of protein on days, given that it is advisable to eat up to 150 grams at a time. On plant days, when you eat vegetables and fruits, you can eat up to 1. 5 kg per day. On the day of cereals, a norm of 200-300 grams is allowed.

Let's do it and don't do it

The diet is divided into 6 days, each eating one. Below is a list to stick to.

  • The first day is fishy.
  • The second day is vegetables.
  • The third day is the chicken.
  • The fourth day is cereals.
  • The fifth day is cottage cheese.
  • The sixth day is fruitful.

We analyze it in detail every day to find out what you can and can't eat:

  • The first day

    On the first day, you eat protein, which means your body doesn’t get stressed and usually feels good. It is better to steam or fry fish, use a minimum amount of salt and oil. It can be grilled or roasted, but without oil.

    As mentioned above, the allowable amount is 500 grams per day. You can add seafood to your diet - shrimp, squid, mussels. In addition to fish products, you can drink green tea without sugar and coffee without milk and sugar. It is important to drink and exercise a lot of water on this day.

  • The second day

    Everything except vegetables can be eaten on the second day except potatoes. Vegetables can be cooked in any form other than frying, but minimal amounts of salt and oil can be used. Vegetables can be used to make smoothies, soups, salads and the like.

    Note!Even though 1, 5 kg is the norm on such a day, you may fall a little overweight and eat more if you feel hungry.

  • Third day

    Even though the day is called chicken, chicken can be replaced with lean turkey. The point is to eat lean meat. The chicken fillet can be fried, steamed or cooked and grilled with minimal oil and salt. It is best to boil the chicken broth and consume up to 500 grams of chicken meat and consume 200 ml of broth daily.

  • Fourth day

    This day is the most satisfying because you will eat complex carbs all day. This includes a variety of cereals, but it is better to choose those with very low glycemic index - oatmeal, brown rice, buckwheat. In addition, you can eat wholemeal bread or crispbread, some seeds or sprouted grains during the day.

    Important!On this day, all toxins and toxins are eliminated from the body.

  • Fifth day

    The fifth day is the most enjoyable for many. Curd should be chosen with a low fat content (up to 5%). Quantity - up to 500 grams per day. However, it is not necessary to eat only cottage cheese. You can add Greek yogurt and milk, but not more than 100-200 grams.

  • Sixth day

    Fruit Day seems simple. In fact, the fruit is hard enough to endure all day. Like vegetables, consumption is not limited here, but it is still better to invest in 1, 5 kilograms. Fruits and berries can be in any form - smoothies, juices, fresh or frozen, but they can also be baked or grilled.

    Note!On this day, it is important to drink plenty of water because the fruits contain large amounts of fructose, which in itself does not leave the body and must be "washed out" with the help of water.

As you can see, the menu is very balanced and simple and available to all girls. Of course, you can’t add oil, salt and sugar to your foods, nor can you drink a little water and snack on other foods.

Important!It is worth noting that in the first days you will not see movement on the scales, but in the middle of the diet you will notice how dramatically you will lose weight from 1, 5-2, 5 kilograms. After dieting, try to eat a healthy diet and your weight will gradually decrease.

Detailed menu for 12 days

When the situation so requires, the diet can be extended by 12 days. Moreover, under the supervision of a doctor, some sit on "6 petals" for up to an entire month. The only question is, is it really worth it? Below you will find an approximate menu for 12 days of this diet.

First day

  • Breakfast: fried fish with herbs.
  • Lunch: fish soup with onions and herbs.
  • Dinner: steamed fish.
  • Snack: green tea without sugar.
Fried fish with herbs for breakfast on the menu of the first day of the 6-petal diet

The second day

  • Breakfast: vegetable stew.
  • Lunch: pumpkin cream soup.
  • Dinner: salad with avocado and iceberg lettuce with lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Snack: any raw vegetable, sugar-free black coffee.

Third day

  • Breakfast: chicken fillet in the oven.
  • Lunch: grilled chicken legs without skin.
  • Dinner: stewed chicken slices.
  • Snack: green tea.
Grilled chicken legs for lunch on day 3 of the 6-petalled diet

Fourth day

  • Breakfast: buckwheat on the water.
  • Lunch: brown rice.
  • Dinner: oatmeal on the water.
  • Snack: wholemeal bread, green tea.

The fifth day

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese with a glass of milk.
  • Lunch: cottage cheese with natural yoghurt.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese.
  • Snack: a glass of milk.
Milk for snacks in the daily menu of the 6-petalled cottage cheese

Sixth day

  • Breakfast: fruit salad.
  • Lunch: smoothies.
  • Dinner: freshly squeezed juice.
  • Snack: any fruit and berry.

Seventh day

  • Breakfast: grilled fish with herbs.
  • Lunch: oven-baked fish with lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Dinner: steamed fish.
  • Snack: green tea without sugar.

Eighth day

  • Breakfast: salad with avocado and iceberg lettuce with lemon juice and olive oil.
  • Lunch: pumpkin cream soup.
  • Dinner: vegetable stew.
  • Snack: any vegetables, black coffee without sugar.
Pumpkin cream soup for lunch on the daily menu of 6-petalled diet vegetables

Ninth day

  • Breakfast: chicken fillet in the oven.
  • Lunch: stewed chicken slices.
  • Dinner: grilled skinless chicken legs.
  • Snack: green tea.

Tenth day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal on the water.
  • Lunch: buckwheat on the water.
  • Dinner: rice on water.
  • Snack: wholemeal bread, green tea.

Eleventh day

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: cottage cheese with natural yoghurt.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese.
  • Snack: a glass of milk.
Cottage cheese is an essential protein product in a 6-petal diet

Twelfth day

  • Breakfast: fruit salad.
  • Lunch: smoothies.
  • Dinner: freshly squeezed juice.
  • Snack: any fruit and berry.


Even though every day is a mono-diet, and the products are very similar, it isthat doesn’t mean you can’t experiment a bit and cook something delicious. . . Diets aren’t always challenging, so here are some simple 6-petal recipes to help you diversify your diet.

Fried fish in foil with lemon juice

Fish fried with lemon juice - a version of a delicious slimming dish on a 6-petalled diet


  • fish fillet - 250-300 g;
  • lemon - 1 db;
  • olive oil - 1 tbsp. ;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking process:

  1. Cut the fish, cut into small pieces and place on the foil, skin side down.
  2. Sprinkle with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Wrap the fish in foil and place in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Ready!

Lean chicken soup

Chicken broth for weight loss on a 6 petal diet


  • chicken fillet or legs - 500 g;
  • onions - 1 piece;
  • bay leaves - 1-2 pcs. ;
  • allspice - 2-4 pieces.

Cooking process:

  1. Put the water on the fire. The chicken is washed and the excess is removed.
  2. When the water boils, toss in the chicken, peeled onion, bay leaf and pepper. Salt.
  3. Cook over medium heat for 10-15 minutes, then for 15-20 minutes on low, covered place.
  4. Remove the foam as needed.
  5. Ready!

Fruit smoothie

The fruit smoothie is a great snack on a 6-petal diet


  • bananas - 1 piece;
  • currants - 80-100 g;
  • freshly squeezed apple juice - 250 ml;
  • kiwi - 2 pcs.

Cooking process:

  1. Cut all the fruits. Thaw and wash the currant (if frozen).
  2. Put all the fruit in a blender or blender, fill it with juice. Beat until smooth.
  3. Ready! Serve chilled.

What effect can be achieved

It’s hard to get rid of a few extra pounds in six days. At least many are sure of this, but luckily this diet is possible. However, it all depends on the person and their lifestyle. Below you will find approximate numbers on how much you can lose weight in another period on a 6-petalled diet.

  • Six days- You can lose between 1, 5 and 4 kilograms.
  • Twelve days- You can lose 5-8 kilograms.
  • Month- You can lose 10-15 kilograms.
The girl will weigh herself and evaluate the weight loss results on the 6 petal diet

How to properly exit this diet

Quitting your diet is the most important part of losing weight. The effect and outcome depends on how you continue to eat after completing your diet.

Note!Many girls ignore the advice and immediately return to their previous lifestyle and then wonder why the pounds lost have returned.

Fortunately, everything is in your hands, and if you really want to lose weight and not let your body go through stress in vain, you will learn all the rules of stopping dieting and get the expected result in one hundred percent in no time. Below is a list of the most important rules.

  • Since in 6 days your stomach is already used to getting a small amount of food, youit is not possible to start eating in the same amount as before immediately after completing the diet. . . Limit yourself to meals, eat three times a day in medium portions.
  • Eat the same foods as your diet, but don’t divide your meals into days. Breakfast with cereals, chicken for lunch, fish and vegetables for dinner, and snacks with fruit and green tea.
  • Sportolj. . . If you start cardio training at least three times a week immediately after your diet, you will notice how you will lose even more weight. Cardio strengthens metabolism and dries out the body. Perform basic exercises in parallel with the cardio for the abdominal muscles, legs, and the whole body in general. Crossfit workouts are ideal.
  • Drink lots of water. If you think that you only need to drink 1, 5-2, 5 liters of water on a diet, you are wrong. Our bodies always need fluid.

Side effects and contraindications

Because every diet contains certain restrictions, not all people can sit on such a diet. Even though this diet is considered very simple and basic and the diet is balanced, not everyone can lose weight with this method. Below is a list of contraindications.You can't lose weight with the 6-petal diet:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • those suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • those who have problems with the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder;
  • people with anemia;
  • people with diabetes;
  • feverish;
  • immediately after recovery from a serious illness;
  • immediately after postoperative recovery;
  • with ARVI;
  • with the flu (and beyond);
  • in case of vitamin deficiency;
  • hypovitaminosis;
  • in the case of acute infectious diseases.

In any case, if you are unsure about your health, it is better to see a doctor. Test it and you will find out if you can usually follow restrictive diets or not. Due to the neglect of their own health, many girls follow such a diet and then suffer from side effects.

Attention!If any of the following complications occur during the 6-petalled diet, stop the diet immediately and consult your doctor.

Side effects may include:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • dizziness;
  • depression;
  • weakness;
  • darkening of the eyes;
  • pain in the abdomen or intestines;
  • convulsions;
  • bloating;
  • constipation;
  • dehydration;
  • headache;
  • migraine.

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which diet to choose. Some of them seem unbearably heavy and tough, such as the Japanese diet, so girls hesitate to test their willpower in this way. There are simpler diets like Maggi, but they are long term and not suitable for everyone.

What to do if you want to lose weight fast and at the same time not limit yourself too much? This is possible on a 6-petal diet! SHEvery simple and available to all girls, lasts only six days and gives significant results in a very short time.