Diet for gout: sample menu and rules

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The diet of any person must necessarily contain products that contain trace elements and vitamins that are useful for the body. They help us to be beautiful and healthy. If the diet is chosen incorrectly and consists mainly of fatty and heavy foods, the metabolism can be easily disrupted. As a result, excess uric acid accumulates in the body. Most often, men suffer from this problem. Too high a salt concentration can lead to arthritis called gout. In this review, we discuss the main features of the disease. We also talk about what is the usual diet for gout.

Description of the disease

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Let's stay in more detail. Gout is a chronic joint disease. It is usually accompanied by severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms. The patient's quality of life may deteriorate significantly due to mobility impairment. Therefore, it is essential to treat gout. You can defeat the disease without going to inpatient treatment. The key is to follow all of your doctor’s recommendations. Gout and a diet high in uric acid are incredibly important. The diet should be followed not only during exacerbations but also during remission. Try to monitor your diet every day. Proper nutrition for gout is a guarantee of health and a reduction in the likelihood of worsening.

The main cause of the disease is metabolic disorders. Gout and a diet high in uric acid are very important for effective treatment. The cause of the disease is the deposition of salts in the joints. The diet should be designed to reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood as the kidneys cannot handle it.

How to properly design a gout diet?

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To easily overcome the disease at home, be sure to follow a diet. It is an integral part of therapy. Gout diet is the main way to treat and prevent exacerbation. To design a proper diet, the unique characteristics of the body as well as the presence of diseases must be taken into account. The main goal of therapy is to reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood.

What foods can be eaten with this disease?

Many people today are interested in the gouty diet. What can you eat? Foods in the diet should not contain purines, which are converted to uric acid during digestion. Given that a wide variety is displayed on store shelves today, it won’t be hard to find them.

A diet high in gout and high uric acid is more like a diet for vegetarians. It contains many vegetables and fruits. Gout recipes don’t have to be difficult. The point is to cook them properly. Ingredients required for cooking must be strictly adhered to in the list of permitted foods.

What not to eat?

To get rid of the symptoms of the disease quickly, you need to follow the principles of nutritional therapy. A special diet for gout is best. What not to eat with this disease? Consuming spicy and fatty foods can cause a relapse. Coffee also contains a lot of purine. For this reason, this drink should be excluded from the diet. Alcohol and grape drinks also increase uric acid levels.

It is important to follow your diet every day. Don’t think that proper nutrition for gout doesn’t involve eating delicious foods. The food can be quite varied. The gout diet does not require strict restrictions and at the same time contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Prohibited foods

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In the case of gout, baked goods, smoked and raw meats, sausages, sausages, fatty pork, offal and preserves should be excluded from the diet. You can eat fish except fatty, smoked or salted as well as seafood. Only spicy cheeses from the ingredients of dairy products are prohibited. Lentils, mushrooms, beans, sorrel and soy should be excluded from the list of foods consumed. As for fruits and berries, stop eating raspberries, figs and grapes. Cakes and pastries should also be taken out of the diet. As far as beverages are concerned, in addition to alcohol, the consumption of tea, coffee and cocoa should be restricted. Although they do not contain purines, they still have a strong diuretic effect and can lead to dehydration. Use spices such as pepper, horseradish and mustard carefully.

Here are some rough guidelines for a gouty diet. The menu for this disease can be quite varied and rich.

Can it be used to treat tomato diseases?

This product is causing a lot of controversy among doctors. Vegetables contain purines, but are often found in the diet of patients with gout. The fact that the amount of oxalic acid in tomatoes is so small that it does not affect the condition of the patient in any way. You can and should eat them. Tomatoes contain large amounts of useful organic and mineral substances. They help maintain immunity. Tomatoes also contain phytoncides and antioxidants to help eliminate the inflammatory processes of gout.

Thus, tomatoes can be consumed in any quantity. It is best to consume them after heat treatment, adding a little vegetable oil. So the beneficial properties of this product are fully manifested.

Foods that need to be reduced

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There are a number of ingredients that are not prohibited for gout, but are best consumed.

These include:

  • plum;
  • white radish;
  • radish;
  • cauliflower;
  • asparagus;
  • celery;
  • green onions;
  • parsley;
  • Honey.

As you can see for yourself, many foods are undesirable for gout. However, the diet can be quite varied. It should not be forgotten that gout is a chronic disease. This can disturb the patient throughout his life. Therefore, you should constantly follow your diet. Even a cup of coffee can provoke an attack.

What can be done about the discussed disease?

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Gout is a complex disease that requires strict adherence to basic nutritional principles. To put together the right diet, it is imperative to know what ingredients can be consumed.

The following is a sample list of foods that can be eaten with a 6-day diet:

  1. Uncomfortable cakes, black and white bread.
  2. Rabbit, turkey, chicken. It is used 2-3 times a week, up to 170 grams.
  3. Lean fish, shrimp, squid. The 6th gout diet includes using these foods in cooked form.
  4. Kefir, low-fat milk, yogurt, sour cream, eggs, cottage cheese. If you use milk for cooking, it is better to dilute. It is not recommended to use butter.
  5. Any cereals but not legumes. They contain large amounts of uric acid, so in case of gout they should be excluded from the diet.
  6. Beets, onions, corn, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, tomatoes, pumpkins. It is also recommended to eat garlic against gout. Helps treat inflammatory processes. Vegetables can be used for fasting days. Cucumbers and potatoes contain potassium. These foods help to remove uric acid from the body.
  7. Tangerines, oranges, apples, persimmons, dried fruits (all but raisins), lemons, apricots, strawberries, pears. Try to eat fruit sparingly. The diet should be varied and nutritious.
  8. Jam, marshmallows, marmalades, marshmallows, ice cream, confectionery without chocolate.
  9. Vegetable oil. In the case of gout, only animal fats should be excluded from the diet as they are poorly absorbed by the body.
  10. Green tea, fruit or berry with lemon, fruit juices, herbal teas, fruit drinks, compotes, alkaline mineral water, rosehip broth and chicory.
  11. Bay leaves, citric acid, cinnamon, vanillin.
  12. Pine nuts, nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios. In the case of gout, it is very important to eat all kinds of nuts except peanuts as they are also rich in purines.

Fish oil and kombucha for the disease

So what do you need to know about this? It has long been known that fish oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients. This product contains almost all the necessary minerals. Nowadays, it is easy to buy fish oil in capsules. It contains polyunsaturated acids which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, in case of gout, it is essential to take fish oil.

Kombucha, on the other hand, is not recommended because it causes increased digestive activity. It also contains oxalic acid and yeast components. In addition, kombucha is high in carbohydrates, which is also undesirable.

Sample menu

juice and vegetable salad for gout

How to compile correctly? Gout and a diet high in uric acid have a rather interesting structure. It is better for your doctor to compile your diet. You will be able to take into account the unique characteristics of the organization.

How to eat when uric acid (gout) is high? The diet should include liquid and semi-liquid foods containing ingredients from the list above. The diet of the patients with the studied disease is based on vegetable soups, salads, steamed fruit and alkaline mineral water. Meals should be divided into a large number of meals. Food should be taken at least five times a day. The patient should drink approximately two liters of water daily. The diet also provides fasting days.

The gout diet includes many vegetarian options. Be sure to take into account the presence of concomitant diseases. So, for example, in the case of diabetes, flour and sugar should be excluded from the diet. Consumption of honey is also not recommended.

In the case of gout, rapid weight loss can only harm the body. Try to choose your diet so that your weight does not go too fast. Diet should not be associated with total starvation. The condition of the patients in this case may seriously deteriorate.


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Gout is an extremely unpleasant condition caused by significant salt accumulation in the joints. The main principle of the menu is to reduce salt intake. In this case, increase the amount of fluid. This allows uric acid to be cleared from the body more quickly. A gout diet can help relieve symptoms and reduce the likelihood of recurrence. However, in order to have an effect, it must be constantly adhered to. Always pay attention to your health because it is impossible to buy even for a lot of money.