How to lose 7 pounds in a week

slim figure after losing 7kg in a week

Every woman wants to lose weight as fast as possible. And at the same time not 1-2 pounds, but at least 5-7. Not all diets contribute to this result fast enough. But still, how to lose 7 pounds in a week. You can use a Hercules or buckwheat diet for this.

How to lose weight in a week - Hercules diet

With such a diet, you can actually lose 7 kg in a week. But on the condition that these pounds are actually extra. The main advantage of this option is simplicity. But one of the shortcomings may be the fact that you must strictly follow a proper diet. And under no circumstances should you immediately return to your normal diet and lifestyle. This can lead not only to weight recovery but also to being overweight.

Remember that such a diet is low in calories. Feelings of weakness and irritability may occur in this regard. You must be prepared for this. Physical activity should be kept to a minimum for a week and should be in the fresh air as much as possible.

The essence of the Herculean diet

It is unlikely that anyone will find any difficulty in this. All you have to do all week is eat oatmeal porridge. All other foods are excluded from the diet.

The porridge should be sugar and salt free. It is made on the water. To do this, take a glass of cereal, pour boiling water and leave for 30-40 minutes. Kefir with a fat content of 1% is then added. This porridge can be consumed in any quantity during the day.

If you crave other products, you can eat a cucumber or an apple for 4-5 days.

In addition, you should remember that you should gradually stop the fast diet. The Herculean diet can only be followed once a month. Not more.

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How to lose weight in a week with a buckwheat diet

The most popular diet is buckwheat. Pretty fast, but efficient at the same time. This means eating only undercooked buckwheat for a week.

To do this, take whole wheat buckwheat and pour it over boiling water. The ratio should be 1: 2. Then close the pan tightly with a lid and cover with a kitchen towel. The cereal should be left overnight. You need to eat this porridge for breakfast. However, it should not contain oil, salt and other ingredients. If you cook buckwheat this way, its useful properties will not be lost.

Of course, you can vary the food a little during your diet. It’s enough to include low-fat kefir and green apples in your diet.

You should also remember that the last meal should be four hours before bedtime. Not later. You can eat half an apple at night or drink a glass of kefir.

use of kefir to lose 7 kg per week

But being overweight only goes away if the person follows all the rules. It is very important that the buckwheat diet not only helps to remove excess pounds but also to cleanse the body of toxins. At the same time, blood pressure normalizes. And there are no big costs.

You should gradually leave this diet. If you take a short break, you can sit on this diet for another week. But then you have to say goodbye to him. The diet should be restored to normal levels and the results achieved should be maintained.

Proper exit from such a diet requires the gradual introduction of salads from vegetables and fruits, vegetable soups and yogurts.

If this diet option is a bit of a difficult way to get rid of excess weight, you can consume not only kefir and apples, but also low-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt, and vegetable juice.