Watermelon diet for weight loss

The watermelon diet only works with a single product, there should be a mandatory propensity for this product and your body will not have any negative reactions to the watermelon. It is a fairly hard diet, so it lasts for a short time in pure form.

If painful sensations occur the day after the start of the watermelon diet, this diet should be discontinued as watermelon acts as a strong diuretic and this should be taken into account. At the beginning of the diet, the main removal of weight should be done due to the loss of excess water-salt deposits.

watermelon for the watermelon diet

The first requirement of the watermelon diet menu is to adhere to the number of watermelons consumed per day between one kilogram of watermelon and ten kilograms of body weight, other products simply can not be consumed. There is no time limit - you can eat watermelon at any time. You can drink, but only water or green tea unlimited. And alcohol must be completely eliminated.

The watermelon diet has another implementation, less strict, as you can eat slices of rye bread for every meal (watermelon). In this case, the duration of the diet increases to one and a half weeks.

Duration of the diet

It is not necessary to follow the watermelon diet for more than ten days in all menu items, but after completing it, low-fat protein-carbohydrate foods, in any form, cereals, cereals, fish, cheese, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese and lunch, are needed to remedy the effects of weight loss. . Dinner should be taken at least four hours before bedtime, preferably at six o'clock in the evening, and should consist of only one watermelon (maximum weight - thirty kilograms, maximum one kilogram). Slices of rye bread are also allowed. This supportive withdrawal from the diet lasts for ten days. At the same time, weight loss continues, but at a slower rate, and metabolism normalizes due to the release of salts, toxins, and toxins from the deposits.

The benefits of the watermelon diet

The main benefit of the watermelon diet is easy tolerance, reducing hunger, which is different from most restrictive diets. Of course, it is desirable to love watermelon at the same time and not suffer from the body’s painful reaction to this product. Another undoubted advantage of the watermelon diet is that it has undoubted results in a relatively short period of time. The third plus of the watermelon diet is the noticeable normalization of metabolism and the removal of toxins, toxins and deposits from the body during the diet.


The disadvantage of the watermelon diet is that it makes it impossible for diseases of the kidneys and urogenital system, such as kidney stones, pyelonephritis, diabetic disorders, because during the diet the entire burden of cleaning the body of toxins falls on the kidneys. Consultation with a doctor is highly desirable. Weight loss due to fluid withdrawal instead of body fat is also attributed by many to the disadvantages of the watermelon diet, but this is typical of many very famous diets.