Proper nutrition for inflammation of the pancreas

Inflammation of the pancreas does not just require medication: a proper diet requires following your doctor's instructions. For a better feeling, a strict diet is needed for pancreatitis. Even during remission, you should not eat fried, spicy foods and other foods that cause increased enzyme secretion in the in pancreatitisOnly a few drinks are allowed during exacerbation; consuming solid foods causes various complications. Without diet, it is impossible to reduce the inflammatory response of the pancreas.

How to Eat Properly with Pancreatitis: General Rules

An important function of the pancreas is hormone production. Insulin is a biologically active substance that converts glucose to glycogen in order to store it in the organs of the storehouse as a storehouse of fast energy.

In addition, the pancreas produces catalysts and enzymes that are involved in breaking down food from the stomach into the duodenum. The pancreas is most responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. The enzyme amylase promotes the breakdown of complex carbohydrates during digestion. It is mainly produced in the pancreas.

Pancreatic juice plays an important role in the digestion of fats. Therefore, people with pancreatitis should reduce the use of flour, sweet and fatty foods so as not to force the gland to function in an enhanced mode. The nutritional benefit should remain with plant and meat proteins.

Dietary Table 5 is recommended for patients with pancreatitis. It contains products approved for acute and chronic inflammation of the digestive system.

When developing a menu for inflammation of the pancreas, attention is paid not only to the type of products recommended, but also to their preparation. Prohibited foods include grilled foods, grilled, fried products, and smoked meats. The food consumed should be soft, the vegetables should be steamed or steamed if possible, and the meat should be cooked for a long time.

Special attention is paid to vegetables. Turnips, zucchini, pumpkin are recommended. Limit the greens. Many sweet fruits, sour berry is contraindicated. Spices and condiments that increase the secretion of pancreatic juice and lead to exacerbation of pancreatitis are strictly prohibited.

General diet rules:

  • Provide split meals often. Doses should be small (about 200 g).
  • Balances your intake of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals.
  • Limit foods that can irritate the stomach and intestines.
  • Remove fried, salted, smoked, spicy and pickles from the menu. Ketchup, mayonnaise, spicy adjika, etc. are prohibited.
  • Hot carbonated mineral water is recommended.

Proper nutrition prolongs remission and does not trigger an attack. Dietary disorders most often lead to deterioration in the function of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Diet for acute pancreatitis

Severe inflammatory reactions of the pancreas cause serious complications that endanger the patient's life. Therefore, during an attack of pancreatitis, doctors should be called urgently and all doctor’s prescriptions should be followed, a strict diet should be followed.

Exclude all foods on the first day of pancreatitis. You can’t even eat a light meal like a soup without frying. Fasting should be observed for 40 hours from the moment of exacerbation.

The diet for pancreatitis during a seizure consists of fluids. It is permissible to drink a little mineral water, releasing the gases in advance, weakly cooked rosehips. About 1 liter per day is allowed. It is recommended to consume no more than one glass every two hours. The drink should be at room temperature. Broth or mineral water should not be heated: the secretion of the hot drink may increase, leading to a pain attack.

Fractional nutrition for pancreatitis is allowed in adults from the third day after the attack. The food should be rich in protein, the salt is reduced to a minimum. For example, you can eat cooked chicken breast, which must be twisted in a meat grinder. Porridge is out of the question because it is rich in carbohydrates and they need more work.

On day seven, patients begin to follow diet # 5. All meals are served in a moderately warm, slightly salted way. Baked, smoked food is not allowed. Even a small nutritional error immediately triggers a new attack of the disease.

Diet for chronic pancreatitis

The therapeutic diet for pancreatitis consists of fractionated meals that do not irritate the gastric and intestinal mucosa. Food should not trigger increased functional work of the digestive system.

What to eat in case of pancreatic disease and enter in the menu:

  • In the chronic form of the disease, soups are allowed, but they must be fried and cooked on lean meats. You can eat boiled chicken (beside), rabbit, lean veal.
  • Anything can be made from fermented dairy products, but only low-fat varieties. Fresh cottage cheese is recommended, kefir - 1% fat.
  • Cereals are limited because the production of enzymes is forced to digest carbohydrates and the hormone to lower blood sugar. Baking, dough is completely excluded.
  • Avoid onions, garlic, radishes and other stomach irritating vegetables.
  • In case of inflammation of the pancreas, alcoholic beverages should be rejected.
  • Smoked meats, sweets and grilled foods are prohibited. Roasted, spicy, salty rejection is required.
  • Meals should be 5-6 times a day.
  • Each dose should not exceed 300 g.
  • The daily amount of kilocalories does not exceed 2400-2800.

What is a protein diet without milk, many patients ask themselves the question. Milk causes bloating and discomfort, which negatively affects the entire digestive system. In case of pancreatitis, only fermented dairy products are allowed, milk is excluded.

Restricted or partially restricted products

In case of pancreatitis, meat and fish are allowed in remission. The texture and fat content of these foods vary, and not all are suitable for dieting.

Bad habits contribute to the complication of the course of chronic pancreatitis

Among unauthorized meats:

  • Lamb. This type of meat is considered fat and is not recommended for the table as it causes pancreatic damage. You can only use low-fat cooked pieces up to 1 time per week.
  • Moose. It is a very hard meat that enhances the work of the digestive system. Only steamed maple slices should be eaten occasionally.
  • Wild bird species (duck, quail, hazel grouse) on the hunt. This meat is hard and rough compared to poultry. Such foods are not recommended for frequent consumption.
  • Pork. It should be restricted as many parts are very fatty and not suitable for a pancreatitis diet. The fat must be completely drained.

All salted, dried or smoked fish and meat products should be excluded. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, even low alcohol content, is negatively affected.

The fish in the menu should also be restricted:

Mackerel is considered fat and cannot be salted or baked. Only cooked mackerel dishes should be used.
  • Trout are high in calories. One piece per week is allowed.
  • The number of canned food is limited - with anchovies, sardines, etc.
  • At the slightest sign of exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, the following should be excluded:

    • fresh vegetables and fruits;
    • spices;
    • a high-fiber meal such as cabbage;
    • stores products with a lot of preservatives;
    • fast food restaurants (hot dogs, burgers, various pies);
    • sweets and cakes;
    • any mushroom in any form;
    • carbonated water;
    • alcohol.

    Diet helps reduce the appearance of exacerbation and does not lead to attack.

    Approved Products

    Proper nutrition of pancreatitis prolongs the remission phase, which significantly improves the patient's quality of life. During a seizure, the pain is so severe that patients are unable to do the usual things, it is impossible to work in the business, often hospitalization is required. It is impossible to lead to acute inflammation of the pancreas, a menu must be selected from a list of foods allowed by the diet.

    What you can eat with pancreatitis:

    • Yesterday's white bread made from whole grains. Puffy black bread is not recommended.
    • Lean meat. For example, chicken, turkey, rabbit and veal are still allowed.
    • Low fat river or sea fish. Cookies in foil, steamed, can be eaten cooked.
    • Low fat fermented dairy products. For example, kefir, organic kefir and natural yogurts have a fat content of 0-1%.
    • Vegetable soup, vegetable stew. A variety of vegetable dishes need to be steamed, steamed or cooked for a long time.
    • Moderate honey consumption is allowed.
    • Porridge cooked in water or milk. You can eat oatmeal, buckwheat, rice. A small piece of butter can be added to your porridge.

    It is important to understand that in pancreatitis, diet is not a temporary restriction but a lifelong diet. The patient should get used to eating mostly cooked or steamed foods. Fried foods are rarely allowed. Grilled foods or grills are completely excluded.

    If the patient does not follow a diet, exacerbation of pancreatitis will systematically cause pain, worsen quality of life, and medical treatment will be required in a hospital setting. Frequent inflammation will lead to adhesion and stagnation of gland contents, which will provoke the formation of tartar. Such complications require surgical treatment and a long recovery period.

    Characteristics of baby food for inflammation of the pancreas

    The therapeutic diet for pancreatitis in young patients is the use of diet # 5. The child needs to eat more protein that is present in meat, kefir, cottage cheese, sea fish, legumes and other plants. You need to limit sweets, that is, carbohydrates, you can’t eat fatty foods.

    Characteristics of baby food

    The diet of pancreatitis depends on the age of the children. A sample menu should be prepared in accordance with the age-specific recommendations and restrictions for diet 5. Regardless of life, with inflammation of the pancreas, fried, salty foods, preservatives and marinades are prohibited. Sweet fruits, fruits that interfere with digestion, such as peas, plum, should be restricted. Sweets and other products rich in dyes and preservatives are prohibited. Fast food, chips, colorful drinks are strictly forbidden.

    Sample menu for 3 days with pancreatitis: table

    A one-week menu with pancreatitis should be based on protein foods. The diet includes a variety of lean meat and fish dishes, and many dairy products are allowed. Fatty foods should be avoided, it is not recommended to take them with sweets.

    Sample menu for each day:

    Meal Times Meal for Day 1 Meal for Day 2 Meal for Day 3
    Breakfast Rice liquid milk porridge with apple slices, green tea. Porridge with water from pumpkin and millet. You can add 20 g of butter. Herbal tea with honey. Muesli with kefir.
    Brunch Steamed pumpkin puree. You can add half a teaspoon of honey or a little cream. Puree of apple puree. Low fat cottage cheese.
    Lunch The first dish is borscht with vegetables. Steamed tuna with broccoli. Crackers. Vegetable stew (carrots, cauliflower, zucchini). Minced turkey dumplings. Pumpkin puree soup. A slice of boiled veal.
    Snack Low-fat cottage cheese whipped with skim milk. Low-fat yogurt with dried fruits. Rice and cottage cheese pudding
    Dinner Lean meat steamed meatballs and a piece of bread from yesterday’s baked goods. Foil-fried, low-fat fish with rye bread. Vegetable puree with boiled beef.

    Before going to bed, if you wish, you can drink a glass of kefir or rosehip decoction with 0-1% fat. Do not eat fruit at bedtime, which causes fermentation and bloating, which makes the digestive process more difficult.

    Recipes for Pancreatitis

    They choose a very sparing diet at any stage of the disease. Food must be heat treated or cooked. Recipes for pancreatitis should not be based on baking ingredients, salting cakes excluded.

    Food for pancreatitis should be non-nutritious, fatty foods and sweets are excluded.

    Vegetable puree

    You will need: pumpkin - 300 g, 2 large carrots, 1 young zucchini, 1/3 teaspoon salt. The vegetables should be placed on a slow cooker and simmered for 40 minutes. In the absence of a multicooker, they can be boiled in a small amount of water until completely softened. The ingredients are then wiped through an iron sieve or beaten with a blender. Vegetable puree is served with meat or a special dish.

    Roasted recipe with vegetables

    Peel 3 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 pumpkin, 2 eggplants. It is advisable to choose vegetables without thick skin, ie they are not old. All parts should be cut into small cubes. The chopped ingredients are then folded into a pan, filled with water so that they do not easily cover the top layer. You need to add a pinch of salt. Put the pan on low heat, after boiling the water, simmer the stew for 40-50 minutes. It is recommended to serve vegetables as a side dish for fish.

    Meat soup

    Meat can be made from souffle rabbit or beef. 500 g of meat requires 5 quail eggs, 100 g of broccoli, 1 carrot, 10% fat cream - approx. 100 ml, salt to taste.

    Fat pieces, films and tendons must be cut from the meat. The meat is ground in a blender. Grind the carrots and broccoli separately. Combine the crushed ingredients and add eggs and salt. In the last stage, add the heated cream and mix everything with a spoon.

    The oven should be preheated to 200 degrees. Place the meatballs on a baking sheet and cover with foil. After 40 minutes, the souffle is ready. We can serve it with vegetables or in a separate dish.