Alcohol consumption: essence and characteristics

the essence of a weight loss diet

Some women dream of such a severe weight loss that they are ready for “extreme measures” for this purpose - until they refuse to eat at all. They resort to a variety of exotic and risky diets whose menu is unbalanced and can negatively affect health. Not surprisingly, such diets sometimes take their victims to hospital beds.

Some women dream of such a severe weight loss that they are ready for “extreme measures” for this purpose - until they refuse to eat at all. They resort to a variety of exotic and risky diets whose menu is unbalanced and can negatively affect health. Not surprisingly, such diets sometimes take their victims to hospital beds.

Eating a diet is also dangerous. In order not to be unfounded, we analyze the essence of this diet point by point and give a detailed critical explanation of each of its key points. And it’s up to you whether it’s worth fighting the extra pounds of such victims.

The essence of the diet

If most diet recommendations suggest eating at least something, some kind of limited list, then there is nothing at all in this diet. You just have to drink - and that’s at least a gallon of water a day.

In addition, the consumption of milk, liquid fermented milk products, fruit juices, mineral water, cocoa and broths, mashed soups, tea, coffee is allowed (otherwise there is no clarification as to whether sugar is allowed). Menu "a la siege of Leningrad" and on a voluntary basis.

The authors of the drinking diet take special care of the health of their "classes, " stipulating that soda is harmful to the body and should not be consumed.

We recommend this diet not for a week or even two - but for exactly thirty days. The makers of the diet are talking about amazing feelings and a feeling of incredible lightness that will appear in a few weeks.

The pioneers of the method argue that the severity of the diet is that we can’t force ourselves not to chew food but just drink it. We are supposed to seize our stress - and thus our problems. Authentic and women (and men who dream of losing weight, though there are fewer of them) are proven that such a diet has enough calories for life, and the discomfort of dieting is only psychological.

The authors promise to cleanse the hollow organs at the beginning of the drinking diet. Moreover, it remains a mystery what bodies they think of. After all, the bladder is actually a hollow organ as well. On the same day, they promise the appearance of mucus from the body and the formation of mucus in the tongue (probably the authors thought of the plaque).

In addition, developers are talking about cleansing dense organs - the liver and kidneys. Therefore, they promise to feel a slight discomfort in their area. In the last stage of the diet, cleansing is promised at the cellular level.

In addition, the authors give weaknesses to dieters and allow them to make a "diet" at their own discretion - of course, taking into account the promised one and a half liters of water per day. The apotheosis of this description is the phrase "You have to watch your chair" - they want it to be regular! As a result, they promise 10-15 kg weight loss, but at what price?

Benefits of Drinking

Doctors say the only benefit of this diet is the development of willpower to force your body not to eat for thirty full days, although in practice it is a deliberate hunger strike. The diet does not contain more positive aspects for a person and especially for their health.

If the authors were to recommend fasting days that would only drink all the ingredients used as a secretion (one or two days a week or a month) - it would be common sense. But the intentional starvation of the body for a month is masochism.

Harm of a drinking diet

advantages and disadvantages of a drinking diet

It’s worth talking in detail about the dangers of such a “diet” - perhaps dieting will make you wonder if they need such health sacrifices and calculate the cost of treatment when you leave such a “diet”.

Fasting stress and the slow destruction of the body, the loss of cells in some organs of the body, become irreversible. During fasting - even partial as in this diet - the internal organs degenerate and lose up to 75% of their activity.

In the future, it will take at least another half a month to get out of this diet, otherwise the body will not eat at all, anorexia will develop - a dangerous disease affecting the psyche.

Stories of cleansing the internal organs are pure deception. Hollow organs (bladder, stomach and intestines) are not cleaned, there is nothing to clean for a month, so they are hollow that can be filled and emptied as needed - several times a day.

To cleanse the stomach and intestines, it is enough to take a laxative or fast on kefir or apple. Consuming clean water is enough to clean the bladder.

The authors then talk about the appearance of the selections. Mucus speaks of damage to internal organs and the inflammatory process within them. White-coated tongue is a sign of gastritis and duodenitis, usually with decreased secretion or inflammation, impaired intestinal digestive function.

It is only with a monthly intake of fluid that atrophy of the mucosa and a lack of enzyme formation for digestion develops. Furthermore, the body refuses to eat solid food, vomiting and diarrhea occur immediately. It takes years of your life to develop enzymes.

Due to the disorder of fat intake (if you do not use vegetable oil) the skin loses its nourishment, becomes dull, dry and rough, it cracks. Many juices and allergens can cause skin and intestinal allergies that do not increase beauty and attractiveness.

This protein is starvation, which means that the function of blood formation suffers from the development of anemia, sexual function and immunity. With such a diet, many girls lose their menstruation, developing severe infections and pneumonia, even in summer.

The authors suggest that stools be monitored. But to their great regret, they won’t need to be monitored — either missing for the first time while enzyme residues continue to cope with the incoming fluid, or after a week or two of developing diarrhea due to pancreatic disturbance — this will inevitably lead to dehydration and toxicosis. And then - get to know the resuscitator in the intensive care unit.

Loss of protein and active drinking load results in "hungry" edema. After all, the term "swollen from hunger" is a real medical pathology. Therefore, all the drunken fluid remains in the tissues, forming edema in them, and its weight is slightly reduced, only due to the splitting of its own tissues.

Not losing weight?

dieting rules

Of course, most fat and frugal bodies also lose weight during a month of hunger strike. But health gives you weight. In addition, if you quit your diet, the extra pounds may come back to you three times. However, health cannot return to you at all - is it worth 15 kilograms of such a sacrifice? After all, there are more balanced and gentler methods.

Is it really impossible?

In this form - by no means. However, there is healthy grain in this method. You can only spend fasting days using a drink. You won’t be able to drink large amounts of high-calorie drinks, which means you can relieve your body one or two days a week (but not in a row).

On average, such a pulsed fast can be performed for 3-4 consecutive weeks by selecting certain days of the week. For example:

  • We don't eat on Mondays and Fridays for the first week,
  • for the second - Wednesday and Saturday,
  • Third - Monday and Thursday
  • Fourth - Tuesday and Saturday.

In general, doctors ’opinions about this type of“ diet ”are categorical: in the form described by the authors — one hundred percent“ no ”as on fasting days — perhaps, but only by agreement with the doctor.