Secrets of proper nutrition for weight loss

There are a number of principles at the heart of a weight loss diet. It is important to consume fragmentary and small portions, exclude high-calorie foods, and not overnight. If you accept these rules for yourself, you can lose weight quickly and remove cellulite on your legs and hips. A competent approach to nutrition, combined with physical activity, massages and salon treatments, can bring excellent results and improve your health.

How many times a day to lose weight?

Nutritionists recommend that you eat 4-6 times a day to keep your metabolism high and not feel hungry. This allows the body to maintain a consistently high level of energy. People who eat often and little by little stay energetic throughout the day. However, there are different opinions on the question of how many times a day to eat to lose weight.

how to eat properly to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, you need to divide the total amount of food into 3-4 meals and make snacks with fruit or biscuits until then. If you also have a habit of not eating fast carbs, you can quickly lose weight.

However, this type of food also has negative aspects:

  • the system is difficult for those who work;
  • if the stomach is dilated, it is difficult to eat in small portions and the feeling of hunger persists.

With three meals a day, you can easily control the level of calories you consume and work out a diet to lose weight at a strictly defined time. But the negative aspects of such a diet are:

  • feeling hungry if the break between meals is at least 4 hours and therefore there is still the problem of how to eat less to lose weight;
  • there is no way to keep insulin levels in the blood;
  • Nutrient and nutrient assimilation does not occur completely when larger amounts of food enter the stomach and intestines at the same time.

What kind of food can you eat?

In order to lose extra pounds and eliminate the phenomenon of cellulite on the legs and thighs, you need to limit the consumption of such products:

  1. Sugar. They don’t just put it in a cup of tea or coffee. It is found in other foods, so one unnoticed eats about 15 tablespoons of sugar a day. With sedentary work, this amount of glucose is stored as fat. And the steady rise in blood sugar levels leads to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.
  2. Flour, sauces, sausages, canned foods also contain sugar and other harmful substances. Therefore, you need to make sure that such products are placed as infrequently as possible.
  3. Pasta, rice, white flour contains refined carbohydrates. They are quickly absorbed by the body, but after an hour they feel hungry again.

The following foods and foods should be used in foods:

what you can eat with a proper diet to lose weight
  1. Vegetables and fruits. Due to their high fiber, water and nutrient content, they help reduce weight. But it’s best to use low-sugar ones.
  2. Protein foods should not be excluded. The structure and function of organs and tissues is impossible without protein. These weight loss diets should include a menu. In order to process proteins efficiently, the body charges energy, which further contributes to weight loss, and the feeling of fullness continues for a while. The protein is found in large quantities in meat, dairy products, seafood, cereals (oats, barley, wheat), beans.
  3. Don't forget the spices. Not only do they add a pleasant taste and aroma to known foods, but they are also capable of burning fat, removing toxins, and speeding up metabolic processes. Cinnamon, ginger root, turmeric and red pepper perform this task best.
  4. Drink water (2 liters) all day, especially good for weight loss, drink a glass of clean water 20 minutes before meals. It will dilute the gastric juice and fill a portion of the stomach volume. Sometimes this simple technique allows us to skip a meal because our body makes no distinction between thirst and hunger.

Lose weight by completely refusing food

Avoiding food altogether significantly reduces weight. But by answering the question of how much you can lose if you don’t eat for a week, you can answer that during that time, you lose 7-10 kg of weight. But a complete fast does a lot of damage and does not remove the orange peel from the legs and hips. In the first stage, the breakdown of fat begins and its reserves are reduced. Instead, ketone bodies are formed, replacing the glucose needed for the brain to function.

They then break down proteins, which are also used for energy. This leads to a weakening of the immune system and a decrease in muscle volume and tone. Therefore, any "weight loss" consists of the loss of muscle fibers and the increased manifestation of cellulite.

Recommended portion sizes in the appropriate diet

If you don’t eat anything, you may lose weight in a week, but when you exit this system, any food intake will be stored as fat and your weight will increase even faster. And the muscles remain weak.

Many people know that not eating in the evening makes it much easier to lose weight. But not everyone knows how much they can lose if they don’t have dinner. It is usually found that you get rid of about 10-12 kg of excess weight per month. But only if they strictly reject evening snacks.

Nutritionists do not recommend practicing such a diet as it leads to indigestion, disrupts hormones.

Display Dimensions

There are other secrets to proper weight loss. It is important to reduce the amount of food you eat. An interesting method is to get enough nutrients and lose weight.

Take a 24 cm diameter plate, divide it in half and halve the other half again. The first is full of vegetables and the other two are complex carbohydrates and proteins. If you ask a professional how many grams to include in your diet during weight loss, you will answer about 200 grams.


If you want to lose weight, you need to follow a light diet and develop new eating habits. It is also important to consider the dose size, total calories and individual characteristics of the body when losing weight. It is important to note that both complete refusal to eat and lack of dinner can lead to illness and weight loss in this way can become a problem.